SWA Employee Violently Attacks Supervisor With Machete Charged With Attempted Murder

A Solid Waste Authority Employee Is Arrested For 1st Degree Attempted Murder And His Supervisor Is Hospitalized After Violent Attack With Machete

Swa Employee Violently Attacks Supervisor With Machete Charged With Attempted Murder - Javier Danger

Javier Danger, Image Courtesy Of Palm Beach Sheriffs Office Jail

West Palm Beach, FL – Boca Post (BocaPost.com) — An SWA employee was arrested for 1st degree attempted murder after violently attacking his supervisor with a machete over a dispute unrelated to SWA business.

Javier Casternaux Danger, 42, of Westgate in West Palm Beach, was charged with 1st degree attempted murder after an incident the SWA facility in West Palm Beach, his place of employment, where he is accused of attacking his supervisor, Nelson Belasquida, 53, with a machete following an argument the two got in to over selling some jewelry.

According to a police report submitted by West Palm Beach Police Department, Belasquida and Danger got in to an argument about Belasquida selling some jewelry at a pawn shop for Danger. Danger was upset that Belasquida couldn’t sell it for the amount he wanted. Danger went home after the argument because he was upset.

Danger was told to stay home for the rest of the day; however, he returned to work. While Belasquida was in a meeting, Danger stormed in the office and is heard saying “stop talking shit”. Several witnesses report to police that they observed Danger throw two hammer heads at Belasquida. One of the heads missed, and the other hit Belasquida’s arm. Danger is then observed swinging a machete at Belasquida.

Raul Espinoza, a coworker who was in the meeting, then charged Danger and took him to the ground. Espinoza, the employee who has only been there 6 months, was able to restrain Danger while Belasquida fled the room to safety.

Officers from the West Palm Beach Police department responded to the SWA facility at 6501 N Jog Road where they found Danger sitting in the manager’s office surrounded by several other employees. Danger was taken in to custody without incident. Both Danger and Belasquida were transported to St Marys for their injuries.

Javier Casternaux Danger is currently in custody of PBSO without bond while he is charged with: