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East Boca Woman Arrested For Biting Boyfriend

East Boca Woman Arrested For Biting Boyfriend - Hilda Farkas
Hilda Farkas, Courtesy Of Pbso

UPDATE: The victim has since dropped charges against Farkas.

BOCA RATON, FL – Boca Post (BocaPost.com) — An East Boca woman is in trouble for domestic battery after a recent drunken argument with her boyfriend turned physical.

Timothy Perrott And Hilda Farkas
Timothy Perrott (Left) And Hilda Farkas, Photo Credit: Facebook

According to a police report, a Boca Raton man, later identified as Timothy Perrott, called Boca Raton Police to report that he was assaulted by his live-in girlfriend at their East Boca home on 77th street. Perrott reported that he and his girlfriend, Hilda Farkas, went out the night before in Delray Beach and had some drinks. After having some drinks the two got into a verbal altercation and Farkas allegedly took an Uber home. Perrott did not return home, rather, he reports that he stayed at his condo in Delray Beach.

Timothy Perrott And Hilda Farkas
Timothy Perrott (Middle) And Hilda Farkas (Right). Photo Credit: Facebook

Perrott reported that he went home at 7 am and when he was using the restroom Farkas was banging on the door demanding that he get out of the bathroom. Perrott reports that Farkas then ‘bust’ the door open and got in his face. Farkas allegedly punched Perrott in the face with closed fists and then bit him on the right cheek and the right bicep. Perrott then reports that he left the residence and called 911 as he was in fear for his safety. Perrott refused medical attention. BRPD officers report that Perrott’s injuries were consistent with his story.

Boca Raton Police Department officers then responded to the 77th street home and spoke with Farkas. Farkas claimed that when she demanded to know where Perrott was all night he lunged at her pushing her to the ground several times. Farkas admitted to biting Perrott in the scuffle. Farkas was observed having a small 1/4 inch abrasion on her right palm and her index finger had a missing nail. It was determined that Farkas was the primary aggressor and she was arrested for domestic battery.

Farkas was escorted to PBSO jail where she was booked at about 10 am. She stayed the night in jail and was released on her own recognizance without bond the next day.

Farkas faces the following charges:


Boca Post has learned that according to court records, Douglas I. Leifert of Liefert & Liefert is representing Farkas in this case.

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