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BUSTED: Boca Raton Police Bust Two Miami Men Responsible For Burglaries At South Beach Park

by | May 29, 2022 | Boca Raton Arrests, News | 0 comments

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BUSTED: Boca Raton Police Bust Two Miami Men Responsible For Burglaries At South Beach Park

Two Miami Men Arrested In Boca Raton By Task Force. Suspect Broke Into Cars At South Beach Park And Used Stolen Credit Cards At Boca Town Center Mall.

Two Miami Men Arrested In Boca Raton For Burglary - Yeicko Andres Mateluna Castillo - Guianko Giovanny Aracena

Two Miami Men Arrested In Boca Raton For Burglary – Yeicko Andres Mateluna Castillo – Guianko Giovanny Aracena

BOCA RATON, FL – Boca Post ( — Two Miami men are in jail this morning facing several felony charges after being arrested by Boca Raton Police, according to jail records released to Boca Post by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.

Yeicko Andres Mateluna Castillo, 21, and Guianko Giovanny Aracena, 25, both from Miami, have been arrested Saturday evening by the Boca Raton Police Department. Boca Post has been notified that the two are facing many charges, including:


Yeicko and Guianko were tracked by a local law enforcement task force and are suspected of burglarizing vehicles at Boca Raton’s South Beach Park. Detectives believe that the two also used stolen credit cards at Boca Towncenter Mall. The two lied to law enforcement about their identities which detectives confirmed with Customs and Border Patrol.

South Florida Task Force catches two burglars at South Beach Park in Boca Raton

A Boca Raton Police Detective reports the following series of events led to the arrest of two burglars at South Beach Park in Boca Raton:

“On 5/28/22, as a Boca Raton Police Department Detective assigned to South Florida Task Force (SFTF) operating under a mutual aid agreement to combat burglaries, stolen vehicles, and theft-related crimes, I was involved in a covert surveillance operation involving a 2021 blue Chevrolet Equinox bearing FL QTVT81. The Chevrolet was identified as being utilized in numerous park burglaries in Boca Raton. During the operation, I was operating my BRPD-issued unmarked vehicle and wearing my BRPD-issued outer ballistic vest with “Sheriff” clearly affixed to the front and back.”

“On 5/26/22, numerous burglaries were reported at 400 N Ocean Blvd (South Beach Park). The victims reported their door locks had been punched in and credit cards had been taken. The credit cards were later used at the Town Center Mall. The above Equinox was identified through video surveillance and License Plate Reader system as being utilized to transport the suspects (BRPD 22-6875/6851). Video surveillance was obtained at the Town Center Mall and the suspects matched the description of a previous case. On 3/19/22, a burglary occurred at 3001 N Ocean Blvd (Spanish River Park) where the suspects punched the door locks to multiple vehicles and used the stolen credit cards at Town Center Mall. The Modus Operandi was the same and the suspects appeared to be the same. The Equinox is registered to Vicfi Rental Corporation out of Miami Dade. The only time the Equinox was in Palm Beach County was during the crimes in Boca Raton.”

“On 5/28/22, SFTF began covert surveillance as the vehicle entered Boca Raton. The vehicle entered South Beach Park (400 N Ocean Blvd) at approximately 1155 hours. I positioned myself in an unmarked BRPD-issued vehicle. I observed the Chevy Equinox travel to multiple parking spaces throughout the park. 2 males were observed exiting the Equinox and looking into multiple vehicles throughout the parking lot. The driver was wearing a black shirt, gray shorts, black shoes, and a gray hat (later identified as Guianko Aracena 12/26/00). The passenger was wearing a navy-blue polo shirt, black shorts, and dark gray shoes (later identified as Yeicko Mateluna-Castillo 10/26/00). It should be noted that Mateluna-Castillo appeared to be wearing the same shirt as the shirt he was wearing on 3/19/22 that was captured on surveillance video during the credit card fraud.”

“I observed the Equinox park on the south end of the parking lot and back into a parking space near a black Honda Pilot and a white Mazda CX-9. I observed the 2 males walking between multiple cars. I deployed on foot and observed the male wearing the black shirt and hat crouch down between the Honda Pilot and the Mazda Cx-9. Due to the positioning, I could not see what he was doing. After the males reentered the Equinox and drove southbound through the lot, I responded to the 2 vehicles and observed fresh blood on a roll of toilet paper in the center console area and the glove box broken inside of the Honda Pilot. I then observed on both driver-side door locks had been punched in. Agents later located a white Honda Pilot with a punched door lock that was parked on the north side of the parking lot. The white Honda Pilot was parked in an area where Agents observed the suspects walking; they were not observed entering the Honda or punching the lock.”

“PBSO Aviation observed the Equinox park on the north end of the park. Due to tree covering, Aviation lost sight of the occupants momentarily. PBSO Aviation observed Reyes exiting the passenger seat of a white Chevrolet SUV; he was not observed entering the Chevrolet but was observed exiting. The Chevrolet owner left prior to Agents making contact so it is unknown if any items were taken from the Chevrolet.”

“Based upon the numerous punched door locks and observed inside of another vehicle, a tactical decision was made, and a vehicle suppression was conducted as the vehicle was parked in a parking space. Agents approached and activated both red/blue lights and siren. The driver (Aracena) immediately fled from the driver’s seat westbound into the thick brush. I began chasing the male through the bushes while yelling “Police Stop”. Aracena tripped on the thick brush and fell onto his back. As I approached him, I pushed his chest down with my left arm and began kneeling on his legs. As I pushed him down, he hit my left arm with his right hand and pushed my chest with his left hand. I then was able to grab both his arms and pull him out off the ground and pull him out of the thick brush. As I was attempting to get him out of the thick brush, he continued to brace/tense and pull away from me. He then attempted to break free of my grip and run. I pushed him from behind while other Agents pull him to the ground. He landed on his chest with his arms breaking his fall. His arms were tucked underneath him, and he continued to try to evade handcuffing. As he was physically resisting, I continuously yelled “Stop Resisting, you’re under arrest”. Due to his hands being inaccessible and the continued physical resistance, I gave 3 strikes with my right hand to his right abdomen area. Other Agents gave other strikes which caused him to eventually give up. I then placed him in handcuffs. Aracena was transported to Boca Regional Hospital for medical clearance; he refused medical treatment on scene. Mateluna-Castillo was taken into custody in the passenger seat of the Equinox without incident.”

“Contact was later made with the owner of the black Honda Pilot (V1), Mazda CX-9 (V2), and a white Honda Pilot (V3). All 3 victims confirmed their door locks had been punched and no items had been taken but they did not give permission for anyone to damage their door locks. All 3 victims wished to pursue criminal charges and completed sworn statements. Marsy’s Law forms signed.”

“Recovered inside of the suspects Equinox was numerous tools used for punching the door locks. Also inside of the cup holder was a door lock that was believed to be removed from a recent burglary. No stolen property was located inside the Equinox. Fresh blood was observed on the trunk of the Equinox. Aracena had fresh cuts on both hands which is consistent with the blood found on the victims’ vehicles. Inside the Equinox was 2 Puerto Rican Driver Licenses. Mateluna-Castillo’s picture was on one of the licenses with the name “Vicente Amaro Gomez, 3/23/99”. Aracena’s picture was on one of the licenses with the name “Luis Alberto Arias Reyes 10/15/95”. Both were confirmed to be fraudulent.

“Based upon the above investigation, it is clear and evident that Gomez and Aracena were inside of the park with the intent to commit burglaries. The fact that they were observed walking through the parking lot, looking into multiple cars, and crouching in between cars further shows they were looking for vehicles to burglarize. I observed Aracena crouching down between 2 cars that had door locks punched with fresh blood on the exterior and interior coupled with fresh cuts on his hand. This clearly shows that he was the one who punched the door locks and entered the vehicles. Although no items were stolen, the suspects were entering the vehicles with the intent to steal items from within. The fact there were numerous tools inside coupled with a punched door lock further ties them to the distinct MO of popping door locks to enter vehicles. Both suspects were working in concert to commit the burglaries. Agents clearly identified themselves as we were trying to take them into custody. Aracena clearly tried to evade capture and during the course of fleeing, he battered a Law Enforcement Officer and resisted with violence.”

“Customs and Border Patrol Agent Neufner responded and provided the proper identities of both subjects. He confirmed through their system that Mateluna-Castillo entered the country under that name and believed it to be his proper identity. A passport belonging to Aracena was found and CBP confirmed the identity. The names they initially provided were found to be false and the driver’s licenses were determined to be fraudulent.”

Yeicko Castillo was booked into the PBSO jail at 9:03 PM on 5/28/22 and is still in PBSO custody with a bond set at $26,500. Guianko Aracena is also still in PBSO custody following his arrest on 5/28/22 with a bond currently set at $31,500.



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