Richard Storz, 30, Arrested On Stalking Charges

PALM BEACH COUNTY, FL (Boca Post) (Copyright © 2023) — 30-year-old Richard Storz of Springfield, PA was extradited to Palm Beach County to face cyberstalking charges.

PBSO requested a warrant for Storz’ arrest last month after a 31-year-old Palm Beach Count woman told investigators that she has been harassed, cyberstalked, and threatened by her ex-boyfriend she left in Pennsylvania.

Investigators say that the ex-girlfriend moved to Palm Beach County from Pittsburgh, PA about a year ago. The victim says that Storz would contact her and began harassing her, often times from fake Facebook accounts, to spite her requests he stop. In May, Storz escalated things when he learned that the victim became pregnant. Storz allegedly created fake social media profiles, pretending to be the victim, in an attempt to smear her reputation. Storz, while pretending to be the victim on social media, asked people if they wanted to see her perform oral sex. Storz then shared images on social media.

Investigators say that Storz has a video of the victim performing oral sex on him which he used threaten and harass the victim with. Storz committed sextortion against the victim by threatening to share the explicit video in an attempt to get her to talk to him.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Storz also threatened to murder the victim, her new boyfriend, and their newborn baby. Investigators reviewed many text messages the victim received form Storz where he threatened her life. The victim has documented proof that she asked Storz to stop and leaver her alone, including an e-mail sent to his Temple University e-mail address.

Storz has been arrested and extradited to Palm Beach County to face the following charges:

  • 836.10(2a) Written Threats to Kill or Do Bodily Injury
  • 784.048(3) Aggravated Stalking
  • 784.049(3a) Sexually Cyber Harassment