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NEW DETAILS: Promoter Of Floatopia, Unofficial Peanut Island Party, Arrested For Attempted Murder

Elving Torres Of Riviera Beach, Pnut Promo, Arrested For Attempted Murder, Shoots Man In Ear, Victims Girlfriend Calls Torres But Says He Is Obsessed With Her.

Elving Torres Of Riviera Beach, Pnut Promo, Arrested For Attempted Murder
Elving Torres Of Riviera Beach, Pnut Promo, Arrested For Attempted Murder

RIVIERA BEACH, FL – Boca Post (BocaPost.com) — Elving Torres of Riviera Beach has been arrested on several felonies including attempted homicide, according to jail records released to Boca Post by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.

Elving Torres, 50, of Riviera Beach, has been arrested early Sunday morning by the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office. Boca Post has been notified that the charges filed include 2 counts of attempted homicide.

Thats What She Said Peanut Island
Thats What She Said Peanut Island

If you have ever been to Peanut Island on a Sunday, you may have seen Elving Torres with his boat, named “That’s what she said”. Torres is known as the unofficial “CEO of Floatopia” because he is a very outspoken promoter of the Sunday event where 100s of boats line the shallow waters and sand bars of Peanut Island, much like Lake Boca in Boca Raton.

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Elving Torres, is known to frequently have a boat full of young girls at the floating party at Peanut Island in Riviera Beach. Many would say too young. Sources close to the incident tell Boca Post that a young girl is a reason that he is in jail this morning.

According to an anonymous source, a young woman contacted Torres for help with a domestic violence situation very early on Sunday morning. Torres allegedly went to help the girl get out of a bad situation and he wound up in one himself. Sources tell Boca Post that Torres shot a man who was said to be the girl’s ex-boyfriend.

According to an arrest affidavit submitted by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, on Sunday, August 21, 2022, at about 3:27 AM, the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office received a 911 call about a shooting that occurred in the Town of Palm Beach Shores.

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The caller advised that her boyfriend was shot in the head, the suspect was still outside, and is known to the caller as Elving Torres.

Upon Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office arrival, a subject later identified as Elving Luis Torres was located in the area.

Torres advised deputies that he was out looking for his dog and that he did not hear any gunshots. Torres was wearing a black shirt and dark shorts which was not the initial description provided by the caller. Torres was told to stay in the area while deputies kept in contact with the caller.

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Deputies kept in contact with the caller. Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office deputies located the caller who advised that the suspect was standing next to a marked police car which was then determined to be Torres. Torres was placed into handcuffs and into a vehicle.

The victim was located within the building with an apparent gunshot wound to the left ear. The victim was treated by Riviera Beach Fire Rescue on scene.

An interview was conducted with the victim who advised that the caller is his girlfriend and that he never met Elving Torres before this incident. While in the room, Torres busted in the door and was yelling. Torres approached him and pushed his hands up. At this time, he saw the gun, and the gun was fired. Torres told the victim he would kill him and then fired the gun. The victim says he was in fear of his life.

PBSO says the incident was about 15 seconds total from the time Torres came into the room to the time of the shooting.

The caller was interviewed by deputies and says that Torres is obsessed with her. Investigators say that they reviewed text messages from Torres on the victim’s phone, saying “I’m coming over to kill” and “see you soon”. The caller told investigators that she got into a verbal altercation with her boyfriend earlier and that is why she reached out to Torres, the man who she says is obsessed with her.

Torres claimed that he confronted the victim but that the gun only went off when the victim grabbed the gun because he had his finger on the trigger.

Investigators reviewed a cell phone video, recorded by the caller. In the video, Torres is seen holding a gun at the victim as he is bent over holding his left ear. Torres is heard saying “What is wrong with you?”, “The (expletive) is wrong with you?”, “I’ll (expletive) kill you (expletive)”, and “You get close to her one more time, you’re (expletive) dead”.

Torres is currently in the custody of the PBSO jail, facing the following charges:

  • 810.02(2B) ARMED BURGLARY

Torres is scheduled to appear in front of a judge later this morning.

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