Lantana Man Drags Dog Behind Pickup, Arrested

Lisandro Arellano Of Lantana Charged With Animal Abuse

Lisandro Arellano Of Lantana Charged With Animal Abuse

Lisandro Arellano Of Lantana Charged With Animal Abuse

LANTANA, FL – Boca Post ( — Lisandro Arellano of Lantana has been arrested by PBSO on several animal abuse charges after detectives say he dragged a dog along the roadway from the back of his truck.

PBSO tells Boca Post that on October 10th, 2022, a motorist reported to PBSO that he observed the suspect dragging a white, French Bulldog mix, by her leash and neck collar while traveling eastbound on Lantana Road between Military Trail and Lawrence Road on the evening of Sunday, October 9, 2022.

The motorist caught the attention of the suspect, thinking it was an honest mistake when the suspect stopped his vehicle, picked the dog up off the ground and threw her in the bed of his truck then drove off.

Detectives along with PBC Animal Care & Control located the alleged suspect. The suspect, later identified as Lisandro Arellano, 45, of the 400 block of Shawnee lane in Lantana, was interviewed and agreed to turn over the French Bulldog mix named “Blanco” to PBC Animal Care & Control.

Investigators learned that Blanco did not belong to Lisandro but to another family member that entrusted him with watching Blanco. Lisandro claimed to be the owner of Blanco and had custody and control of her at the time of the incident. Lisandro carried Blanco in the bed of his truck in an inhumane manner. Lisandro failed to act to the injuries Blanco sustained from him dragging her by the neck with his truck, as her body scraped along the roadway. Lisandro unnecessarily allowed Blanco to repeatedly suffer in pain, over the course of four days from the injuries she sustained.

On October 21, 2022, Lisandro Arellano, was located, arrested, and booked into the PBC Jail where he was released hours later on a $3,000 bond. Arellano is facing the following charges:


Blanco is currently being treated by PBC Animal Care and Control.