Man Arrested At Fort Lauderdale International For Making Bomb Threat

Fearing Bag Fees, Makes Bomb Threat

Man Arrested At Fort Lauderdale International For Making Bomb Threat

Man Arrested At Fort Lauderdale International For Making Bomb Threat

A note from the editor

Boca Post has fully redacted the suspect’s name as a courtesy since the state declined to prosecute this case. This case appeared to be merely a misunderstanding that escalated into something more than it ever should have been.

It should be noted that the state attorney declined to prosecute the charges filed by Broward Sheriff’s Office.

The original suspect has provided Boca Post with the following statement prior to the decision we made to redact the article:

“I remember being surprised by the $ amount charged for a simple laptop bag, I decided to consolidate my 2 small bags into 1 after getting approval from the airline employee and made a non-threatening statement, which was misunderstood by the other party. At no point did I throw any bags, just put the empty bag on the ground where the employee indicated me to.

I realized the misunderstanding related to my statement immediately, apologized multiple times, and opened the bag fully, clearly showing everyone that it was empty. The boarding continued without any interruption and the plane took off, while I was asked to remain at the gate.

Assume the formalities already started, and could not be stopped”

Originally reported by Boca Post

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL – Boca Post (BocaPost.com) — Fort Lauderdale was arrested for making a false bomb threat after getting upset about baggage fees.

So a general rule of thumb is don’t say bomb on an airplane. Everyone has heard that, maybe we all assumed that would apply to airports as well? Well, not this guy.

A Fort Lauderdale man was arrested at Fort Lauderdale International airport yesterday, 3/17/22, for doing just that.

The man was upset that he would have to pay a baggage fee for his 2nd bag, so he consolidated everything into one bag. When he left the 2nd bag behind, the staff asked him what he was going to do with the 2nd bag. The man told staff, “I will leave it right there, and by the way, it has a bomb in it.”

BSO deputies and the BSO bomb squad responded and took the suspect into custody. Even though the threat was unfounded, the man was arrested for making the threat.

The man is currently in Broward jail with bond set at $20,000 after being arrested for False Report Bomb Explosive Weapon Mass Destruction.

It is obvious that the man has missed his flight and will pay much more than the airline’s ridiculous bag fees.