Wanxin Li Arrested

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL (Boca Post) (Copyright © 2023) — BSO arrested 46-year-old Wanxin Li for running prostitution parlors in two counties.

The Strategic Investigations Division (SID) of the Broward Sheriffs Office apprehended Wanxin Li, a woman, from Fort Lauderdale for running massage parlors that operated as fronts for prostitution in two counties.

In March 2023 investigators from BSOs SID unit received a tip regarding Lis involvement in two prostitution operations—one in Oakland Park, Broward County and another in Stuart, Martin County.

Through techniques detectives discovered that Li resided in a condominium located at 2841 N.E. 33rd Court in Fort Lauderdale. They also determined that she owned and managed a building listed as a massage spa at 1545 East Oakland Park Blvd. In Oakland Park. A storefront within a shopping plaza at 1690 N.W. Federal Highway in Stuart.

The investigation uncovered evidence of activities occurring at Lis residence in Fort Lauderdale. Both locations being used for prostitution. Subsequently warrants were obtained for Lis arrest and search warrants for the properties involved.

On Thursday, September 7th detectives from BSO SID apprehended Li at her residence, in Fort Lauderdale. Simultaneously law enforcement officers executed search warrants at her home. The spa located in Oakland Park with the assistance of the Martin County Sheriffs Office (MCSO) SWAT team and other BSO SID investigators.

According to the investigators the spa, in Oakland Park was empty. They discovered two women living in the storefront in Stuart. One of the females was arrested by MCSO after being identified as a suspect in a prostitution investigation. If you have any questions about that case please contact MCSO.

Li has been charged with offenses related to profiting from prostitution laundering over $100,000 and operating a place, for prostitution.

The detectives state that currently there is no evidence of trafficking involved.