UPDATE: Arrest Made In Shooting At Delray Beach Tri-Rail Station

One Man In Critical Condition. Security Guard Arrested.

Arrest Made In Shooting At Delray Beach Tri-Rail Station - Dennis Decormier

Dennis Decormier, Image Courtesy: Pbso

UPDATE – 2/15/22 – 8PM

Delray Police Department remained quiet throughout the investigation and refused to comment during the ongoing investigation. Today, the silence has been broken with an arrest. DBPD tells us today that they have arrested Dennis Decormier, a 66-year-old Security Guard, in the shooting at the Tri-Rail Station on Thursday night.

Police say that on the night of the shooting, Decormier was approached by a man who was reportedly talking to himself. According to investigators, Decormier then shot the man. The victim, Tywan Thomas, was taken to the hospital and is expected to recover.

Decormier is now in PBSO custody facing a 2nd-degree felony charge “AGGRAV BATTERY – PERSON USES A DEADLY WEAPON”.

Shooting At Delray Tri-Rail Station

Shooting At Delray Tri-Rail Station, Image Credit: Google Street View

ORIGINAL STORY – 2/11/22 – 8:14AM

Delray Beach, FL – Boca Post (BocaPost.com) — One man is injured and one was being questioned by Delray Beach Police Department after a shooting at the Delray Tri-Rail station on Congress Ave.

Delray Beach Police Department responded to a shooting at the Delray Tri-Rail station located at 345 Congress Avenue at approximately 9:20 pm.

Boca Post first published the shooting call at 9:19 pm as it was originally called in as a SHOOTING to 345 S. Congress Ave — a neighboring municipal building. According to the emergency dispatch, an adult male with a gunshot wound to the abdomen area was transported to Delray Medical Center.

Authorities have told Boca Post that 1 person was transported in critical condition. It was also reported that 1 man was being questioned following the shooting. The shooting reportedly occurred after a brief scuffle between two men at the station.

The Tri-Rail station was shut down for about 90 minutes following the shooting.

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