East Delray Beach Woman Arrested For Burglary

Second Arrest For Burglary In 3 Months, Burglarized Neighbors House In February. History Of Stalking As Well.

East Delray Beach Woman Arrested For Burglary - Meghan Micle

East Delray Beach Woman Arrested For Burglary – Meghan Micle

DELRAY BEACH, FL – Boca Post (BocaPost.com) — An East Delray Beach woman is waking up in a Palm Beach County Jail this morning following her arrest for burglary and theft charges, according to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.

Meghan Micle, 37, of Pelican Harbor in East Delray Beach, has been arrested Sunday evening by the Delray Beach Police Department. Boca Post has been notified that the charges filed include “810.02(3A) BURGLARY DWELLING OCCUPIED” and “812.014(2D) THEFT GRAND FROM A DWELLING $100-$300”.

The following is taken directly from an arrest affidavit Boca Post received from the Delray Beach Police Department:

Upon my arrival, I observed Micle, who I know from previous law enforcement encounters, place some items into the back seat of her vehicle and then go back into the garage. I then observed Micle grabbing cleaning supplies including floor cleaner and floor mop. I then confronted Micle and advised her to place the items down and place her hands behind her back. Micle refused so I took the items out of her hands and placed her in handcuffs while I conducted my investigation.

The victim says that he was watching TV when he heard his garage door open. He says this is strange because no one was supposed to have access to the garage. According to the report, the victim “then heard banging on the interior garage door and recognized Micle’’s voice yelling “Let me in” and “why are you doing this to me”. The victim made sure the door was locked and then went to the upstairs patio and observed Micle placing a blue Makita Saw (valued at $200) and a gray hammock (valued at $200) inside
the backseat of her vehicle.

The victim observed as Micle made several trips from inside the garage carrying unknown items to her vehicle but was unable to see what the items were. The victim stated he recently had surgery and did not have much mobility, so he felt scared since Micle has been known to get “crazy” in the past. T saw a hammock were in plain view of the car. The items were returned to the victim along with a 24 case of Michelob Ultra Beer ($25), a set of training arrows ($75), a portable DVD player ($100), and a Police retirement plaque all belonging to the victim which had previously been inside the garage.

Micle was booked into the Palm Beach County Jail at 10:28 on Sunday evening. At the time of this writing, Micle is still in PBSO custody with a bond set at $20,000.

Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office tells Boca Post that this is the second time Micle has been accused of burglary this year. Micle was arrested for burglarizing her neighbor’s Pelican Harbor townhome last February. On that day, she told Police she was there looking for exculpatory evidence for her boyfriend who she says was arrested at that location. The only thing she stole that day was a candle.

Court records indicate there may be some ongoing dispute between Micle, her ex-boyfriend (the victim), and his friend, who are both retired law enforcement officers from New York. Micle was also charged with cyberstalking and making threats in February after allegedly threatening her ex-boyfriend’s friend and family.