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West Boca Raton Man Throws Cat In Pool, Arrested

Loty Lamour Arrested For Animal Cruelty

Loty Lamour Arrested For Animal Cruelty
Loty Lamour Arrested For Animal Cruelty

BOCA RATON, FL – Boca Post (BocaPost.com) — A Boca Raton man has been arrested for animal cruelty, according to jail records released to Boca Post by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.

Loty Lamour, 39, of 10917 WINDING CREEK WAY in West Boca Raton, has been arrested early Wednesday morning by the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office. Boca Post has been notified that the charge filed is “CONSERVATION-ANIMALS – TORTURE INFLICT PAIN SERIOUS PHYSICAL INJ DEATH”.

The PBSO spokesperson gives Boca Post the following statement about Lamour’s arrest:

Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control received a video of a male suspect, later identified as Loty Lamour, throwing a brown Calico cat, named Coco, high into the air several times over a pool.

The video shows Coco becoming fully submerged in the water and struggling to get out of the pool. Lamour refused to surrender Coco to ACC.

A search warrant was requested and approved for Lamour’s residence. Coco was removed from the residence and turned over to ACC for medical evaluation. The ACC veterinarian reported Coco suffered respiratory impairment from submersion in water, causing her excessive and repeated pain and suffering.

On July 20, 2022, Loty Lamour was arrested and charged with aggravated animal cruelty.

The narrative from the official arrest report submitted by Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office can be read here:

On July 6, 2022, Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control (ACC) received an animal cruelty complaint. ACC Sgt. Sharpe is the supervisor investigating the animal cruelty complaint. Sgt; Sharpe stated someone sent ACC a Snapchat video showing a black male subject picking up a cat by the neck and throwing the cat high in the air into a pool several times. The video then shows a small white dog mounting the same cat from behind. The video concludes with the same subject throwing a small gray poodle high into the air over the pool, and the poodle landing in the water.

The complainant told ACC a friend by the name of Chris Lamour posted the video on his Snapchat. The complainant said the subject in the video is Chris’s father. ACC advised the incident took place at the Lamourresidence, located at 10917 Winding Creek Way Boca Raton, FL 33428. Sgt. Sharpe said he identified the subject in the video as Loty Lamour.

Sgt. Sharpe, PBSO Deputy Sheriff Bethel, and PBSO Deputy Sheriff Saat responded to the residence to request Mr. Lamour voluntarily turn over his animals. Sgt. Sharpe stated he met with a male subject who identified himself as Loty Lamour. Sgt. Sharpe recorded his interaction with Mr. Lamour. Sgt. Sharpe stated the following in ACC report #A22-006995: Sgt. Sharpe advised Mr. Lamour he was conducting an animal cruelty investigation. Sgt. Sharpe requested to see Mr. Lamour’s animals.

Mr. Lamour led Sgt. Sharpe to the backyard where he observed a neutered white poodle mix named Max and a neutered gray poodle mix named Coco. Sgt. Sharpe said a third dog named Pee Wee, a gray poodle mix, was in the house. Sgt. Sharpe also observed a dark-colored cat named Lulu who disappeared into the woods when he entered the backyard. Sgt. Sharpe stated a cockatiel was also located on the pool patio. Mr. Lamour told Sgt. Sharpe that he does not abuse his animals and takes very good care of them. Sgt. Sharpe showed Mr. Lamourthe video of him throwing the cat, now identified as Lulu, and the dog, now identified as Coco into the pool. Mr. Lamour identified himself in the video. Sgt. Sharpe informed Mr. Lamour what he was doing in the video is animal abuse. Mr. Lamour debated this and stated he does not abuse his animals. Sgt. Sharpe explained to Mr. Lamourthat cats do not, particularly like water. Mr. Lamoursaid the cat was hot so he was cooling it off. Mr. Lamour admitted the cat scratches him when he gives it a bath, so he thought the pool was a better option.

Sgt. Sharpe explained to Mr. Lamourthat the video shows the cat was not happy and it appears as though he was tormenting the cat. Mr. Lamoursaid he does it all the time with the dogs and they like it. Sgt. Sharpe informed Mr. Lamourit was not fun for the dogs. Sgt. Sharpe explained he needed to remove the animals from the home. Sgt. Sharpe stated Mr. Lamour became irritated and refused to relinquish his animals to ACC even after Sgt. Sharpe advised a search warrant request would be filed.

On July 11, 2022, I conducted a record check in the Driver and Vehicle Information Database for the address of 10917 Winding Creek Way Boca Raton, FL 33428. The subject in the video appears to be Loty Lamour (B/M DOB 10/28/1982). Loty Lamouris the registered owner of the property, as listed on the Palm Beach County Property Appraisers website. Lamouralso identified himself in the video to Sgt. Sharpe. I viewed the video provided by ACC.

The pool is located inside the screened-in enclosure of the residence. Lamour picks up the cat, which appears to be hiding in the corner of the patio inside the screened-in enclosure, and tosses the cat high into the air, over the pool, four times. The cat appears to be struggling to get out of the pool and is unable to exit the pool without Lamour’s assistance. The cat is submerged underwater each time it is thrown into the pool. Lamour removes the cat from the pool only to throw it back into the water.

In the video, I heard the cat squealing and meowing each time the Lamour tosses it into the pool. The cat appears to be in distress from the excessive and repeated infliction of unnecessary pain and suffering caused by Lamour’s actions. The video shows the same cat mounted from behind by a small white dog. The cat is struggling to get away from the dog and appears to be in distress. The video ends with the Lamour throwing a small gray poodle high into the air over the pool.

On July 11, 2022, at approximately 2:53 PM, I met with Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control Veterinarian Leonid Vidrevich who told me the following in a sworn recorded statement: Dr. Vidrevich is the on-duty veterinarian for ACC. Dr. Vidrevich stated he has been employed as a veterinarian with Palm Beach County ACC for approximately eleven years. Dr. Vidrevich said he viewed the video provided to ACC of the person throwing the cat and dog into the pool. Dr. Vidrevich said in his opinion the cats were in severe distress and the person throwing them into the pool was causing the cat unnecessary, excessive, and repeated pain and suffering. Dr. Vidrevich said cats naturally do not like water because their body temperature drops, causing them to become very cold. Dr. Vidrevich added that because their hair coat takes a long time to dry out, the wet coat causes them to be cold for an extended period of time. Dr. Vidrevich also said the cat appeared, in his professional opinion, to be stressed and exhausted, making it difficult for the cat to get away from the dog that mounted it from behind.

On July 12, 2022, I submitted a search warrant request to Palm Beach County State Attorney Judy Arco, to recover the cat from Loty Lamour’s residence. Judy Arco approved the search warrant request, as did PBSO. I forwarded the search warrant request to the Honorable Judge Caroline Shepherd, of the 15th Judicial Circuit, who approved the search warrant request on July 12, 2022, at 1:56 PM.

Sharpe responded to the residence of 10917 Winding Creek Way Boca Raton, FL 33428, to serve and execute the search warrant. We met with a black male and female who were standing outside of the residence. The male identified himself as Loty Lamour and the female identified herself as Lamour’sgirlfriend Nerline Exantus. Mr. Lamour agreed to provide a statement regarding this animal cruelty investigation.

I read Mr. Lamour his constitutional rights from a preprinted PBSO Miranda Card. Mr. Lamour advised he understood his rights and signed the Miranda card.

I advised Mr. Lamour that I was audio recording the interview. Mr. Lamourtold me the following: Lamour’s son took the video of him throwing the family cat Coco and their friend’s dog into his pool, and he did not know his son was recording him. Lamourstated that his purpose for throwing Cocoin the water was to give her a bath. Lamour said it was hot outside and he wanted to cool her off in the water. Lamour further stated whenever he has given Coco a bath in the past she has scratched him. I asked Lamour why he threw Coco and the dog into the pool rather than place them in the pool humanly. Lamour did not have a reason for throwing Coco and the dog into the pool rather than placing them in the pool. Lamour said it was never his intention to hurt the cat, but realizes he made a mistake. I advised Lamourwhathedid is animal cruelty. Lamour said he realizes what he did is illegal.

I provided Lamourwith the search warrant for his residence. Lamour said he understood the search warrant. I informed Lamour the search warrant only applies to Coco and not the dogs. I requested Lamour consider turning the dogs over to Sgt. Sharpe with animal care and control for medical evaluation. Lamoursaid the dogs belong to his girlfriend Nerline. I then met with Nerline Exantus, identified by her FL Driver’s License. I advised Nerline of the search warrant for her residence and explained it was only to recover the cat Coco and not her dogs. Nerline said she did not wish to surrender her dogs to animal care and control, but would allow animal care and control to take her two dogs, Max and Lulu for medical evaluation only. Sgt. Sharpe and Nerline arranged for the transfer of Max and Lulu for medical evaluation. Detective Walsh and I then conducted a search of the residence.

I located two small dogs inside the residence. The dogs were both in small crates. One dog is white and appeared to be a poodle mix. The second dog is dark gray and appeared to be a miniature poodle. Both dogs looked of healthy weight and I did not see visible signs of abuse to the dogs. I found a dog pen in the garage with pee pads inside. The crates and dog pens did not have water bowls in them. Detective Walsh took photographs of the residence. I asked Nerline about the dogs in the crate and the dog pen in the garage. Nerline said the white poodle’s name is Max and the gray miniature poodle’s name is Lulu. Nerline advised they only keep the dogs in their crate for short periods. Nerline further advised the dog’s use the dog pen in the garage to go to the bathroom when it is raining outside. Nerline said she loves her dogs and takes good care of them. I suggested Nerline use larger crates for Max and Lulu. Lamour said Coco would run away from anyone except his son. Lamour had his son bring Coco to Sgt. Sharpe. Coco is a dark Calico spayed female cat. I arranged with Lamourfor him to self-surrender for the charges of aggravated animal cruelty to the cat Coco. Lamour said he would meet me at the PBSO District 7 substation on Wednesday, July 20, 2022, at 6:00 AM. It should be noted the names of the cat and dog in Sgt. Sharpe’s original report are incorrect. The cat’s name is Coco and the two dogs are named Max and Lulu.

Veterinarian Leonid Vidrevich reported that upon examining Coco he was able to determine she experienced respiratory impairment from submersion in water. Dr. Vidrevich reported Coco is showing signs of stress from the trauma she suffered.

Based on the video evidence showing Mr. Lamour’s excessive and repeated infliction of unnecessary pain and suffering to his cat Coco, Dr. Vidrevich’s sworn statement and report, and Mr. Lamour’s own post-Miranda confession, probable cause exists to charge Loty Lamour with one count of aggravated animal cruelty, pursuant to Florida State Statute 828.12(2).

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