West Boca Couple Arrested For Brawl At Salt And Spirits

Intoxicated Couple Allegedly Starts Fight, Claimed They Were Robbed. Girlfriend Kicked Another Girl In Head.

Boca Couple Arrested For Brawl At Salt And Spirits - Ryan Stewart - Karli Adams.

Boca Couple Arrested For Brawl At Salt And Spirits – Ryan Stewart – Karli Adams.

BOCA RATON, FL – Boca Post (BocaPost.com) — A Boca Raton couple is facing simple battery charges after getting into a physical altercation with another couple on Saturday night at Salt And Spirits in Boca Raton.

Ryan Stewart, 25, and his girlfriend Karli Adams, 25, who live together in the Alister apartments of West Boca, were arrested Saturday evening by the Boca Raton Police Department. Both were arrested on battery charges Saturday night after allegedly being involved in a fight with another couple at the bar.

According to an arrest report submitted by Boca Raton Police Department, the couple claimed they were attacked by the other couple while at the bar. However, officers determined the opposite was true. Police say Stewart was uncooperative and belligerent so he was detained. When speaking to Adams, she told police that the other couple stole her wallet and that’s what started the confrontation.

When speaking to the other couple, Police were told that Adams placed her credit card into the billfold and left it at the bar after ordering drinks. Stewart then approached the other couple, who were sitting at the bar, and accused them of stealing his girlfriend’s wallet. An argument ensued and then Steward pulled the other gentleman off of his barstool where he then fell to the floor. When the other girl went to help the man up, she was kicked in the face by Adams.

The couples were separated by other patrons until Police arrived. Officers also reported that the owner of Salt and Spirits came in and showed them a video of the incident.

According to jail records, the couple was booked into the Palm Beach County Jail at approximately 1:30a AM on Sunday morning. Court records indicate that both were released later that morning without bond.