UPDATE: Boca Country Club Woman Spits On Cop, Arrested

Boca Country Club Resident Arrested For Assault On A Law Enforcement Officer.

Boca Country Club Woman Spits On Cop, Arrested - Elder Cruz
Boca Country Club Woman Spits On Cop, Arrested – Elder Cruz


Boca Post spoke exclusively to the neighbor who says Cruz has been vandalizing his property and trespassing. The issue is so serious that Kiannu has even successfully filed a protective order against Cruz. The order states that Cruz must stay away from Kiannu’s vehicles and home, both of which she has allegedly vandalized in the past.

Boca Post has learned that Cruz has threatened to kill a security guard that works in the Boca Country Club. This happened after she allegedly jumped out of her car and abandoned it in front of a line of people trying to enter the community. The report from that incident says Cruz jumped out of the car like she was going to attack the security guard.

Originally reported by Boca Post

BOCA RATON, FL – Boca Post ( — A Boca Raton woman was arrested for resisting arrest as well as simple assault on a law enforcement officer, according to jail records released to Boca Post by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.

Elder Cruz, a 56-year-old woman who lives in Boca Country Club, was arrested late on Tuesday evening (6/14/22) after a PBSO deputy responded to a complaint made by her neighbor, Joshua Kiannu. Kiannu called deputies after he accused Elder of stealing his Buddha statue from the end of his walkway.

While a deputy was on the scene, Elder then allegedly threw eggs at Kiannu’s house and threatened to kill him.

The deputy then made contact with Elder who was uncooperative and allegedly spit in his face. Elder was then arrested for assault on a law enforcement officer.

The complete arrest report submitted by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office can be found below:


On the above date and time, I responded to the above-listed address in reference to a theft upon arrival contact was made with the complainant Joshua Kiannu who advised that he noticed his neighbor Elder Cruz walk up to his driveway and grabbed a black Buddha statue which was at the end of his walkway. Joshua advised that he asked Elder what she was doing when she advised that she was banging up his vehicle which she has done on a previous occasion. Joshua told Elder that he was calling deputies to respond to the residence when Elder left and returned to her residence. After making contact with Joshua | went over to Elder’s residence where| attempted to make contact with her. Upon knocking and ringing the doorbell| received no response. While at the residence belonging to Elder I was informed by Joshua that Elder was now in his backyard and had just thrown eggs at his residence and stated that he was going to kill him! Then went to Joshua’s backyard in an attempt to make contact with Elder who was no longer there. Joshua had provided me with a sworn written statement of the incident as he remembered and the call was cleared.

While sitting outside of Joshua’s residence completing paperwork I noticed a woman matching Elder’s description walking down the street towards my marked patrol vehicle immediately stepped out of my vehicle and attempted to make contact with Elder. I initially asked Elder if she would be willing to speak to me when she advised that I needed a warrant. I then stated that I only wanted to speak to her regarding the incident with her neighbor. At that moment elder turned around suddenly and spat in my direction which missed as I made an evasive movement by jumping back to avoid being hit directly. I then told Elder to stop. I then attempted to grab Elder hands to place them in hand restraints to which she resisted by pulling away several times while giving commands. After a short period, I was able to gain control of Elder’s hands which were then placed in hand restraints. While attempting to place Elder in the back seat of my marked patrol vehicle she advised numerous times that I just “shoot her in the head”.

Due to Elder’s demeanor and attempt to spit on me, a spit sock hood was placed over Elder’s head. Sgt. Gillings was notified of this.

Elder was then transported to the main detention center for intake and processing.

Elder is being charged with assault to a law enforcement officer for her attempt to spit on me as well as resist without violence

It’s not clear if charges are being pursued for the theft or even the threats made to the victim. Maybe the neighbors decided to work things out after the drama escalated.

Elder was booked into the PBSO jail early on Wednesday morning (6/15/22) and later released without any bond ever being set. Elder’s arraignment is set for the middle of July.

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