Palm Beach State College Student Arrested At Boca Raton Campus For Threat Of Mass Shooting

Saul Jean Charged With Threats Of Mass Shooting Or Threat Of Terrorism. Bond At $1,000,000

Saul Jean Charged With Threats Of Mass Shooting Or Threat Of Terrorism. Bond At $1,000,000

Saul Jean Charged With Threats Of Mass Shooting Or Threat Of Terrorism. Bond At $1,000,000

BOCA RATON, FL – Boca Post ( — A 24-year-old Palm Beach State College student from North Miami Beach was arrested on the Boca Raton campus for making threatening to conduct a mass shooting or other act of terrorism.

A PBSO detective responded to the Palm Beach State College campus in Boca Raton and met with campus security in reference to an active investigation into a threat to conduct a mass shooting.

The detective reports that Saul Jean had made several posts on the website “” in which he threatened to conduct terroristic acts on the school campus. The comments were observed by another person, who forwarded the posts to a school administrator.

The messages included the following:

  • “(expletive) you. (expletive) Gun Control. There’s a reason why terrorist attacks happen. It’s the (expletive) federal government.” The post also had a photo attached which contained an additional caption stating “People like me get tired of the (expletive) federal government targeting us. Individuals who have not done a thing. Until we are pushed to our extreme limit. If I end up killing/murdering others. Their deaths are on your hands. Because you don’t know when to (expletive) stop.”
  • “Forall the future terrorists/school shooters. Your targets should be people at the beach. The beaches. A great place is Haulover beach. Oh and target Desantis. If you’re fed up with how Florida politics are, target DeSantis. If you are in high school, and you hate society and the community for what it is. Actually, if your high school is close to DeSantis’s governor mansion, do it.” This post included an image of a directory sign which lists the name of U.S. Senator Rick Scott at an unknown building in Palm Beach.
  • “smh. & that day i took the picture of my PBSC ID I was in my Saulomon Grundy Hoodie.” The post contained a photo of Jean’s Miami Dade College identification card and his Palm Beach State College identification card.
  • “I don’t give a (expletive) but nobody but myself at this point. I don’t trust no one after all of this. Y’all let the feds do all that (expletive) (expletive) to me and didn’t say a word. Yet you screaming “BLM”. So when I leave on the 27th I pray these (expletive) (expletive) do the same (expletive) to you & you see how it feels.”
  • “Funny. They only take you seriously when you have a gun in your hand. Smh. In the case… lemme save that money for a rainy day. I got nothing to (expletive) lose”.
  • Another post was a picture of what appears to be a bank account with a balance of $1,407.95 that had a comment below it that stated “THERE’S A BIG DIFFERENCE BETWEEN BEING MENTALLY ILL & STUDYING A PERSON’S PET PEEVE TO PROVOKE THEM.”
  • “Y’all forgot that I got enough to buy a gun right? So if I start blasting at you mother (expletive) for yall mind games I’m wrong, right? RIGHT? As a matter of fact, who’s selling an AR-15? Oh a d dont worry (: i aint gojug to jail, im gojng straight to the fiery pits after im done.”
  • “Aint going down to hell by myself, I’m dragging yo ass down there with me.”

It isn’t clear why Jean decided to use as his medium for sharing this hate speech. “” describes itself as a worldwide nonprofit petition website that offers the public the ability to promote the petitions they care about. The website states it is designed to raise awareness and influence “decisions — makers.”

While “” is not a social media website used for individuals to generally make posts howeverit appears Jean is utilizing the “update” section of his petition to make these comments which are able to be viewed and commented on by other individuals. Jean currently has a petition on the website titled “Discrimination/Hate Crime Against Saulomon Grundy.” Jean has also posted a picture of his Palm Beach State College identification card next to his Florida Driver’s License.

Investigators say that a routine computer check also found that Jean’s Instagram username is “Saulomongrundy.” A check of the social media website Instagram found Jean posts links to the webpage and similar pictures.

Deputies were able to locate and arrest Jean who, according to deputies, was last known to attend the Boca Raton campus. Based on Jean’s writings, we suspect he was not attending many English classes.