Out Of State Criminal Caught Stealing Luxury Handbags From Neiman Marcus Boca Town Center At Boca Raton

Violent Out Of State Criminal Accused Of Stealing $18,100 Worth Of Luxury Handbags

Violent Out Of State Criminal Jailed One Day, Released Without Bond, After Stealing $18,100 Worth Of Luxury Handbags

Violent Out Of State Criminal Jailed One Day, Released Without Bond, After Stealing $18,100 Worth Of Luxury Handbags

BOCA RATON, FL – Boca Post (BocaPost.com) — A Pennsylvania man has been arrested for grand theft, according to jail records released to Boca Post by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.

Abdullah Robinson, 22, from Philadelphia, PA, was arrested for grand theft by the Boca Raton Police Department on June 23, 2022. While Robinson only spent one night in jail, its not an unfamiliar place for him. According to Pennsylvania records, Robinson spent the last 5 years in prison for robbery charges which were originally filed as murder. Now the violent criminal from Philadelphia has been accused of grand theft in Boca Raton.

Boca Post previously reported on another out-of-state couple who got caught shoplifting high-value merchandise from Neiman Marcus Boca Town Center at Boca Raton.

Robinson was observed walking into the store with an unknown male and an unknown female who the Loss Prevention personnel say was acting suspiciously. The Loss Prevention personnel tell police they observed Robinson grab three Chanel handbags and then run out of the store into the parking lot. Robinson was taken to the ground by two loss-prevention agents who were waiting for them outside. The other two unknown subjects then ran to a Ford Explorer which was described as having no license plate. The loss prevention personnel held Robinson until BRPD arrived.

The complete narrative from the official police report from Boca Raton Police Department can be found below:

On 06-22-2022, at 1552 hours, I responded to 5860 W Glades Rd, Boca Raton FL (Neiman Marcus) in reference to a shoplifting investigation. BRPD advised Neiman Marcus’ loss prevention stated they just had two unknown black males and an unknown black female steal from the store (Chanel bags valued at $18,100). Neiman Marcus’ loss prevention stated they currently had one of the suspects being held on the ground of their parking lot.

Upon arrival, I made contact with loss prevention investigators W/M Geraldo Guzman, James Garza, Marco Miloncini, and an unknown black male who was later identified as Abdullah Robinson. It should be noted, Guzman and Milocini were holding down Robinson. I then placed Robinson into handcuffs for his safety and until I could analyze the situation. I then escorted Robinson into Neiman Marcus’ loss prevention holding room.

While inside Neiman Marcus’ holding room, I read Robinson his Miranda warnings from a pre-printed card. Robinson stated he understood his rights and was willing to speak with me. It should be noted, Robinson was not forthcoming during the beginning of my investigation. Robinson stated he took the bag from Chanel and ran with it as a joke. I then explained to Robinson that I did not believe his statement and it makes no sense for someone to do that as a joke. Robinson then admitted that he took the Chanel bags because he was going to steal them. Robinson had no intention of paying for the items.

I was able to speak with Miloncini about the incident. Miloncini stated he was actively watching the sales floor through CCTV when he spotted Robinson, an unknown black male, and an unknown black female acting suspiciously. Miloncini stated Robinson and his colleagues were looking around at their surroundings. Miloncini described the unknown black male, late 30’s, 5’11”, approximately 175 lbs, last seen wearing a black t-shirt, grey sweatpants, and wore a blue medical face mask. The unknown black female is described as, approximately 25 years old, 5/4”, approximately 145 lbs, last seen wearing a white t-shirt and multi-colored shorts. During this time, Miloncini advised Guzman about the suspicious activity.

At approximately 1546 hours, Robinson walks into Chanel (a Boutique store inside Neiman Marcus). At 1549 hours, Robinson grabs three Chanel handbags and runs out of the store and exits into the parking lot. Robinson exits Neiman Marcus at approximately 1550 hours passing all points of sale. The other subjects ran cut of the store and ran towards a newer model Ford Explorer. It should be noted the vehicle did not have any plates on the vehicle. Robinson was then taken to the ground by Guzman and Garza. Guzman and Garza held Robinson to the ground until I arrived. At that time, I placed Robinson in handcuffs.

I then advised Robinson that he was under arrest for grand theft. Based on my investigation Robinson was placed under arrest for Grand Theft per FSS 812.014 (1). Guzman supplied a printed receipt of the stolen items, I photographed the stolen item on my mvr, a written statement, and a copy of the CCTV security footage. All of these items were placed into evidence. Robinson was ultimately transported to Palm Beach County Jail for final deposition.

Robinson was booked into the Palm Beach County Jail on the evening of June 22nd, 2022, and released the following morning on a $5,000 bond.