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Florida Atlantic University Student Charged With Stalking

by | Feb 16, 2022 | Boca Raton Arrests, Delray Beach Arrests | 0 comments

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Florida Atlantic University Student Charged With Stalking

Placed Tracking Device On Ex Girlfriend’s Vehicle, Sends Harassing Messages

Florida Atlantic University Student Charged With Stalking - Benjamin Zerblas Mugshot

Benjamin Zerblas, Image Courtesy: Pbso

BOCA RATON, FL – Boca Post ( — A FAU student stayed the night in PBSO jail instead of his on-campus apartment this week after being arrested for stalking his ex-girlfriend and placing a tracking device on her vehicle.

According to a police report submitted by Delray Beach Police Department, Benjamin Zerblas, a 19-year-old FAU student was charged with several misdemeanor stalking charges on Monday. Zerblas spent the evening in jail on Valentines Day after being picked up for the warrant filed by Delray Beach Police Department

Police say that Zerblas’ ex-girlfriend, requested their help in dealing with Zerblas on December 8th, 2021 when she told them he has been harassing her. The ex-girlfriend told investigators that Zerblas and her broke up mid-November after dating for 9 months. Apparently, Zerblas wasn’t on the same page as her because for the weeks following the breakup Zerblas allegedly continued to call and text her.

The ex-girlfriend suspected Zerblas of placing a tracker on her vehicle because Zerblas would text her and know exactly where she was even though she didn’t tell him or any of his friends. Her suspicion motivated her to get her vehicle checked for a tracking device by a qualified mechanic. A mechanic at Schumacher Dodge in Delray Beach found a SPYTEC Tracker mounted to the undercarriage of her Jeep.

Police asked Zerblas to stop calling the ex-girlfriend. The following day, investigators followed up with the ex-girlfriend to find out that Zerblas was still calling her even after being told not to by police. Police then asked Zerblas to come into the station for a conversation. Zerblas allegedly admitted to placing the tracking device on the ex-girlfriend’s vehicle without her consent. Zerblas also reportedly admitted to calling and texting her from various unknown numbers.

Police report that Zerblas admitted to sending a message to the ex-girlfriend that read: “One way or another we’re gonna have this conversation and I really hope you choose the easy way and get this over with”.

Police presented the facts to a judge who approved the warrant for Zerblas’ arrest. Zerblas was arrested on Valentine’s Day, February 14th, 2022. Zerblas spent the night in jail and was released the following day without any bond.

Boca Post reached out to Pi Kappa Alpha, the fraternity Zerbias belongs to at FAU, for comment but has not heard back.

Zerblas is now facing the following misdemeanor charges:


Boca Post reported about another FAU student arrested earlier this week for selling drugs on campus.

The entire arrest affidavit can be found here:


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