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FAU Student Arrested For Using Stolen Credit Card

Anthony Cardoso Allegedly Purchased Credit Card Info For $80, Arrested After Spending $64 On Food

Anthony Cardoso Allegedly Purchased Credit Card Info For $80, Arrested After Spending $64 On Food
Anthony Cardoso Allegedly Purchased Credit Card Info For $80, Arrested After Spending $64 On Food

BOCA RATON, FL – Boca Post (BocaPost.com) — A FAU student was arrested for using stolen credit card information he purchased from another FAU student to then purchase food from Ramen Lab Eatery in Boca Raton.

The manager of Ramen Lab Eatery in Boca Raton received a phone call from someone who claimed their credit card was being used at the restaurant without their permission. The manager then notified Boca Raton PD who responded.

The following is a narrative from the responding officer’s probable cause affidavit:

On 07-12-2022 at 2049 hours I arrived at 100 NW 2nd St. (Ramen Lab Eatery) in reference to a Fraud.

On arrival, I met with Gregory Vogel, the manager of the Ramen lab. He advised that he had been contacted by the victim who informed him an order was placed at the establishment fraudulently using his credit card. The manager informed me that the order was an online order and that the male who placed the order was standing at the end of the counter. The order that was placed consisted of 2x Bao Buns ($16.00 total), 1 Miso Ramen ($18.00), 1 Miso Ramen ($16.00), and White Rice ($2.00), and Dumplings ($6.00), for a grand total of $64.06.

I approached the male, who identified himself as Anthony Cardoso. He was read his Constitutional Warnings from a preprinted Miranda Card while we stood outside of the establishment. He advised he understood his rights and that he wanted to speak with ne. He stated that on an unknown day, he overheard classmates in his FAU class speaking about how they got credit card info from someone. He explained he engaged in conversation and was told by a classmate to go and sit on a bench across from the Chick Fil A on the FAU campus, and that someone would meet him. Cardoso advised that on an unknown date at an unknown time he went and sat on the bench, where an unknown lighter skin black male large build sat next to him. After Cardoso paid the male $80.00 cash, he wrote down the information for the credit card from a snap chat picture, which he advised he had held onto for about a month before he used it today (07-12-2022) at the Ramen Lab. Cardoso then advised he did not know a “Diogo Jota” and made the name, number, and email up for the order.

Cardoso explained that on today’s date while driving from Delray Beach he placed the order for the Ramen lab for the food via his phone through the Ramen Lab website to be picked up. He acknowledged that he did not know the owner of the card and was not given any permission by the owner to use the card to make the purchase. He stated that despite having no permission to use the card he still used it to make the purchase.

I then spoke with the victim over the phone who provided me with a sworn statement. He advised that on today’s date he noticed a charge on his corporate credit card at the Ramen Lab which he did not make. He advised that he does not know Anthony Cardoso and at no time did he give Cardoso permission to use the card.

Based on my investigation I developed probable cause to charge and arrest Anthony Cardoso was in violation of F.S.S. 817.568 (2A) Criminal Use of Personal Identification and F.S.S. 817.61 Fraudulent Use of a Credit Card after he knowingly used the victim’s credit card information to obtain food in the amount of $64.06. He was subsequently transported to Palm Beach County Jail.

Cardoso was booked into the Palm Beach County Jail at 1:41 AM on 7/14/22. Cardoso appeared in court later that morning where the judge ordered that he have no contact with the victim.

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