FAU Student Arrested For DUI And Cocaine Possession

Maxwell Pappas, FAU Senior, Arrested For DUI And Cocaine Possession.

Maxwell Pappas, Fau Senior, Arrested For Dui And Cocaine Possession
Maxwell Pappas, Fau Senior, Arrested For Dui And Cocaine Possession

BOCA RATON, FL – Boca Post ( — A FAU student was arrested for DUI and Cocaine Possession, according to jail records released to Boca Post by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.

Maxwell Pappas, 21, was pulled over while driving a dark gray jeep while driving westbound on Palmetto Park Road when a Boca Raton Police Office noticed he had an expired license registration early Monday morning.  The officer initiated the traffic stop at approximately 3:10 AM and suspected Pappas may have been under the influence.

Pappas, who admitted to having “a few drinks” at O’Briens pub, agreed to step out of the vehicle to speak with the officer. The officer then conducted several field sobriety tasks which the officer says he failed. Pappas was then taken into custody for DUI. A search of his person then produced several baggies of cocaine for which he was also charged.

Pappas was cooperative until he eventually refused to provide a breath sample. Pappas was transported to the PBC Jail where he remains at the time of this writing. Pappas’ bond is currently set at $3,000.

The officer’s entire report can be found below:

“On 06/20/2022 at approximately 0310 hours, I observed a dark gray Jeep bearing CT tag AK18192 driving westbound on W Palmetto Park Rd at approximately the 900 block. Upon running the CT tag through FCIC/NCIC, it showed the CT registration expired in 06/06/2021, therefore in violation of 320.07(3) (b).”

“I activated my lights and sirens in my marked police vehicle, and the vehicle came to a complete stop at approximately 1400 W Palmetto Park Rd in the left turn lane. I then made contact with the driver, identified by his CT DL to be Maxwell Pappas. I informed Pappas that the reason I stopped him was that his CT registration was a year expired. He advised he knew and had been trying to get it fixed. While speaking with me, I noticed Pappas eyes were bloodshot and glossy. Pappas advised he was coming from Obrien’s. I then asked Pappas to step outside of his vehicle to speak with me.”

“Once outside of his vehicle, I asked Pappas if he had been drinking tonight. Pappas advised that he had a few drinks (high noons). I then informed him that I was concerned that he was possibly operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of an unknown alcoholic beverage. I asked Pappas if he would be willing to perform a series of field sobriety tasks to dispel my alarm that he was under the influence. Pappas agreed to participate. Pappas advised that he has a high school diploma and is currently a senior at FAU. He advised that English is his first language; he is not diabetic; he does not have any physical injuries; he does not take insulin; and he takes Adderall as a prescription medication. While speaking with Pappas, I could smell a strong odor of an unknown alcoholic beverage emanating from his breath and person. I then guided Pappas to a solid straight line. Pappas agreed that this clearly visible line was straight and agreed to use it. It should be noted that I explained each task, demonstrated each task, and then asked if he had any questions for each task. The field sobriety tasks were performed on a level, flat, and dry surface in a well-lit area.”

“The first task performed was the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus. After explaining the instructions, I asked Pappas if he understood. He replied yes. I then asked if he had any questions, and he replied no. During this task, he kept his head straight, and I noticed distinct jerking in both eyes at maximum deviation.”


“The second task performed was the Walk and Turn. After explaining the instructions, I asked Pappas if he understood. He replied yes. I then asked if he had any questions, and he replied no. Pappas did not maintain the starting position as I instructed and demonstrated in front of him multiple times. He kept trying to start the task when I told him to wait in the starting position until I told him to. After telling him to start, he then took 9 steps forward without counting out loud, then stopped and looked at me. I then told him to continue the task until it was completed. He then continued taking another six steps forward. He then turned around and took 23 steps back. He used his arms to balance and did not count out loud. While taking steps, Pappas did not Maintain heel-to-toe. I then asked if he wanted to redo the task. He then attempted the task again. He took 9 steps forward, turned around, and stepped off the line, then took 11 steps back.”

“The third task performed was the One Leg Stand. After explaining the instructions, I asked Pappas if he understood. He replied yes. I then asked if he had any questions, and he replied no. He then chose to lift his left leg but raised it higher than six inches as I demonstrated. He counted until “1016” after thirty seconds.”

“The fourth task performed was the Finger to Nose (L-R-L-R-R-L). After I explained and demonstrated each task, he advised he understood. He showed me he knew what hand was his left and right. He also showed me he knew what his index/pointer finger was, and where the tip of his nose was. On each attempt, he kept his finger on his nose, after I reminded him each time to not keep his finger on his nose.”

“The fifth task performed was the Rhomberg Alphabet. Pappas advised he was able to recite the English alphabet without skipping any letters and without singing it. Pappas recited the alphabet as such, “A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J3,K,L,M,N,0,P,Q,R,S,Y,U,V,X,¥.” He then advised he missed “W.”

“The sixth and final task performed was the Rhomberg Balance (estimate 30 sequence). I showed him prior to start what thirty seconds looks like on my timer. He acknowledged he understood the instructions. I then told him to begin. After 35 seconds, he stated it had been thirty seconds.”

“Based on the above information, I placed Maxwell Pappas under arrest for DUI. Ofc Soria and I handcuffed Pappas, checked for tightness and proper fit. Ofc Soria also conducted a search of Pappas’ person. Inside of Pappas back jeans’ pockets, Ofc Soria found two green baggies with an unknown white substance inside, which based on my training and experience is believed to be Cocaine. Ofc Soria then placed Pappas into my marked police vehicle.”

“I transported him to BRPD booking facility to attempt to obtain a breath sample. Ofc Price responded as the BAT tech operator. Upon arrival, a 20-minute observation was conducted. I also read Pappas his Constitutional Warnings from a preprinted card issued by BRPD, and Pappas advised he understood his warnings and agreed to speak with me. I asked him if he knew what was inside the green baggies found in his pants” pockets. He advised he did not know they were in his pockets, but he believed they were possibly Cocaine. Pappas was then taken into the BAT room. Pappas refused to provide a breath sample. I then read Pappas his Florida Implied Consent Warnings. Pappas advised he understood these warnings and again refused to provide a breath sample. I then asked him if he would be willing to answer my additional questions, and he agreed to answer my questions. See DUI influence report for further details. See Ofc Soria and Ofc Price’s supplemental reports for additional details. I then also weighed the two green baggies with unknown white substance to be 0.4g. Using a Lynn Peavey Quick check cocaine test kit, I tested the unknown white substance inside the green baggies. The quick cocaine test kit turned blue indicating positive for Cocaine. Photos of the positive test kit and the green baggies were captured on my MVR body camera. The green baggies were submitted into BRPD evidence for further testing.”

“Maxwell Pappas is being charged with DUI pursuant to F.S.S. 316.193(1) (a). Pappas is also being charged with possession of Cocaine pursuant to F.S.S. 893.13(6) (a). I issued Pappas a DUI citation (#A6LQI6E). I also issued Pappas a citation for expired registration more than 6 months (#AG3ZGQE) which was the reason for the stop. Pappas was then transported to Palm Beach County Jail without incident. The vehicle was released to Pappas” friend on scene, who moved it into a parking lot.”

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