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BUSTED: Tourists From New York Caught Shoplifting A Versace Purse

by | May 30, 2022 | Boca Raton Arrests | 0 comments

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BUSTED: Tourists From New York Caught Shoplifting A Versace Purse

The Modern-Day Bonnie And Clyde Were No Match For Neiman Marcus Store Security And Boca Raton Police.

Tourists From New York Caught Shoplifting A Versace Purse

Tourists From New York Caught Shoplifting A Versace Purse

BOCA RATON, FL – Boca Post ( — A pair of tourists from New York and New Jersey were caught stealing a $1,499 Versace purse from Neiman Marcus in the Boca Raton Towncenter Mall on Monday, May 16th, 2022.

According to an arrest affidavit submitted by the Boca Raton Police Department, officers responded to 5860 W Glades Rd, Boca Raton FL (Neiman Marcus) in reference to a shoplifting investigation at about 12:30 PM on Monday, May 16th, 2022.

Loss Prevention from Neiman Marcus called Boca Raton Police Department to report the theft.

According to the report, BRPD advised Neiman Marcus loss prevention stated they just had a male and female steal from the store (Versace bag valued at $1495). Neiman Marcus’ loss prevention stated the suspects were walking inside the Town Center mall. They were described as an unknown white female last seen wearing a white tank top and blue jeans. The unknown white male (later identified as Eduardo Guerra Colos) last seen wearing a white t-shirt, red shorts, and wore a multi-colored hat.”

The suspects were seen in Dior, the report says.

“At approximately 1250 hours, Sergeant Frenz (who was working an off-duty detail at Saks
Fifth Avenue) advised that he had a visual of the suspects inside Saks Fifth Avenue. At
that time, I proceeded to make my way toward Saks Fifth Avenue. Upon arrival, I spoke
with Sergeant Frenz who advised the suspects were inside the Dior portion of the store.
During this time, I made contact with Neiman Marcus loss prevention Eduardo Guzman via
a landline. I asked Guzman if he could provide me with a description of the suspects
since we have visuals on two subjects that fit the description. Guzman provided the
suspect’s description and furthermore verified that the suspects we had visual on were
the ones who stole from Neiman Marcus.”

Officers then made contact with the suspects in Dior.

“At approximately 1255 hours, I made contact with Guerra Colos and the female inside of
Dior (located inside of Saks Fifth Avenue). I then advised that they were being
detained for an investigation and they were not free to go. I spoke with Guerra Colos
alone and before speaking with him, I read him his Miranda rights from a pre-printed
card. Guerra Colos advised he understood his rights and did not want to speak with me.

“I then spoke with the female about the incident. Before questioning her, I read the female her Miranda warnings from a pre-printed card. The female stated she understood her rights and was willing to speak with me. It should be noted, the female was not forthcoming during the beginning of my investigation. The female denied that she
stole the bag or took the bag. Eventually, the female stated she was trying on the bag
and walked out of the store with it. The female stated she forgot the bag was around
her neck. I then told the female that we have witnesses that saw her place the bag into a silver Toyota Camry bearing FL tag 62BWEC. The female stated Guerra Colos rented the
vehicle and that she could not drive. The female stated she was willing to give the bag

Officers spoke to the Neiman Marcus Loss Prevention investigator

“Guzman followed both subjects out of the store. The female then exited the Town Center
Mall from the main entrance and walked towards the True Foods parking lot. Guerra Colos
stayed inside the mall. Guzman stated he watched the female circle around the parking
lot which is a common tactic shoplifters use to make sure no one is following them. A
few moments later, the female unlocks the above-mentioned vehicle and opens the rear
right passenger door. The female then places the stolen purse underneath the front
passenger seat. The female then walked back into the mall. Guzman stated he was able
to see in plain sight that the stolen purse was visible underneath the front
passenger seat. Guzman provided a sworn statement that was recorded on my MVR.”

Officers arrested the two shoplifters and recovered a $1,499 purse.

“I then advised the female and Guerra Colos that they were under arrest for grand theft.
Search incident to arrest, I located a silver magnet device inside of Guerra Colos”
right pants pocket. This silver magnet device is commonly used to remove sensors and is
considered an anti-shoplifting device. Additionally, inside Guerra Colos* bag had
another silver magnet device. Based on my investigation the female was placed under
arrest for Grand Theft per FSS 812.014 (1). Guerra Colos was placed under arrest for
Retail Theft Per FSS 812.014 (1). Guzman supplied a printed receipt of the stolen
items, I photographed the stolen item on my mvr, a written statement, and a copy of the
CCTV security footage. All of these items were placed into evidence. The female and Guerra Colos were ultimately transported to Palm Beach County Jail for final deposition.”

Both the female and Eduardo Guerra have out-of-state driver’s licenses from New Jersey and New York. It is unclear if the two have any ties to Boca Raton or if they were just visiting. One thing is for sure, they now have a criminal history here.

Eduardo was charged with “LARC – GRAND THEFT 750 LESS THAN 5K DOLS” and “LARC – USE ANTI-SHOPLIFTING DEVICE”. The female was charged with “LARC – GRAND THEFT 750 LESS THAN 5K DOLS”. Both spent one night in the Palm Beach County Jail.

The State Attorney’s Office later dropped the case.


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