Boca Raton’s Kristy Jerez Arrested After Threatening To Kill Husband’s Ex-Fiance Children

Years Of Co-Parenting Drama Lead To Death Threats.

Boca Raton'S Kristy Jerez Arrested For Stalking And Extortion

Boca Raton’S Kristy Jerez Arrested After Threatening To Kill Husband’S Ex-Fiance Children

BOCA RATON, FL – Boca Post (BocaPost.com) — A Boca Raton woman is facing stalking and extortion charges, according to jail records released to Boca Post by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.

Kristy Jerez, 38, of the Casa Nueva apartments on Palmetto Circle in Boca Raton, has been arrested Thursday evening by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office. Boca Post has been notified that the charges filed include “AGGRAV STALKING – FOLLOW HARASS CYBERSTALK CRED THREAT TO PERSON” and “EXTORT – OR THREATS”.

Jerez is accused of harassing her husband’s ex-fiance and mother of his children, Angela Padilla. Kristy’s husband, Ambiorix Jerez, maintains a close relationship with Angela for the sake of their children, according to an arrest affidavit. Jerez even made threats that she would kill Angela’s entire family, including her children.

The following statement was provided via an arrest affidavit written by the PBSO Detective responsible for the arrest of Kristy Jerez:

“On April 25th, 2022 at approximately 21:55 hours PBSO received a call from the victim, Angela Padilla, stating that she had received threatening messages from a woman by the name of Kristy Jerez. The victim explained that she has been harassed for “years” by Jerez and that she felt the behavior was escalating to the point of danger.

According to the sworn statement provided by Padilla, Kristy Jerez (suspect) is the current wife of her ex-fiancé, Ambiorix Jerez. Padilla continued to describe that she and Ambiorix have two children in common (ages 24 and 10) and had been together for over 17 years, When they broke up approximately 5 years ago, Ambiorix met and subsequently married Jerez. Ambiorix and Jerez have been together for several years and have a child together (approximately 3 years old).


Padilla went on to describe that she and her ex, Ambiorix, have remained close due to how long they had been together and for the sake of co-parenting their children. However, for years, there has been an escalating tension between the suspect (Jerez) and Padilla. According to Padilla, the tension stems from the contact that remains between Ambiorix and her family, including the children they have in common.

Padilla explained that more recently, from approximately July of 2021 to the present, there have been dozens of calls, text messages, and voicemails that have become more aggressive and threatening in nature. The culmination of the harassment being a threat was made on 4/25/2022 at approximately 9:50 pm, in which Jerez texted the victim “your family will be shot in the f*cking head if I see one more f*cking message about taking my motherf*cking son…” According to Padilla, Jerez is referencing the child that she and Ambiorix share. Many of the voicemails and messages from Jerez were talking about how she believes that the victim is somehow influencing Ambiorix due to them still maintaining a friendship. The victim also described seeing Jerez outside of her home on at least one occasion recently, prompting a genuine fear for her safety, and the safety of her family (FSS 784.048 — Aggravated Stalking).

Padilla also described that Jerez has repeatedly demanded that she [the victim] somehow convince Ambiorix to “sign over” his parental rights so that Jerez can take their child away from him. Jerez made overt statements that she would continue harassing the victim and maliciously disgrace their reputation of Padilla unless she convinced Ambiorix to sign over his parental rights. As an example, there was a voicemail dated 4/25/2022 at approximately 10:54 am, in which Jerez stated “honey, this war is never going to be over until that man [Ambiorix] signs our parental termination and gets the f*ck out of our lives…”. Additionally on 5/16/2022 at approximately 9:14 am Jerez left another voicemail stating, in part, “…this is the consequence you trash a** b*tch…” and “you will never get away with it when he [son] learns your f*cking mistakes…”


On another voicemail on the same date at 9:20 am, Jerez also stated, in part, “…she [10yr old daughter of Padilla/step-daughter of Jerez] f*cking ran her mouth about my son, come near my f*cking kid, any of you, and you’re f*cking dead. Do you understand me?” Jerez went on to say “…I will f*cking ruin your lives b*tch…” and “your f*cking goddamn whole family, I will contact your little f*cking bitch [10yr old daughter or Padilla/stepdaughter to Jerez} and tell her the f*cking wh*re her mother is. You can count on it…”. Jerez thereby threatened to harm Padilla and maliciously disgrace her, with the expressed intent to compel Padilla to do an act against her will, and the will of the father, Ambiorix (FSS 836.05 – Extortion).

The victim identified their phone number Jerez and confirmed that the voice on the voicemails was, in fact, that of Kristy Jerez. She also stated that Jerez has had the same number for years and uses that number in the steady and consistent harassment of her and her family. The victim had an abundance of messages and voicemails, documenting a pattern of behavior on behalf of Jerez that serves no legitimate purpose and had caused significant emotional distress. Jerez has willfully, maliciously, and repeatedly harassed the victim, as documented by the repeated messages and voicemails. Further, Jerez made a credible threat to the life of the victim and her family, as outlined above.

Padilla provided additional voicemails and screenshots of the messages she had received from Jerez over the period of approximately a year. It should be noted that on numerous occasions, I observed that the victim told Jerez to leave her
alone and to “cease and desist” with her messages. In a string of messages sent throughout the day on 4/25/2022, Jerez repeatedly engages in vile and aggressive behavior that served no purpose other than to harass and intimidate Padilla.
Padilla also confirmed that she wished to prosecute for the harassment and is in genuine fear for the safety of herself and her family. Further, she was shown a familiarization photo and identified the suspect as Kristy Jerez. An open-source database search identified the number used by the suspect as a T-Mobile number belonging to Kristy.”

Jerez was booked into the Palm Beach County Jail at 11:04 on Thursday evening. Jerez is currently in the custody of PBSO jail. Jerez had her first appearance and has been ordered to have no contact with the victim or the victim’s children.

The judge also ordered that Jerez have no access to weapons. An ex parte risk protection order has been filed against Jerez as well.