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Boca Raton’s Jake Birkhahn Arrested After Using Car As A Deadly Weapon

by | May 20, 2022 | Boca Raton Arrests | 0 comments

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Boca Raton’s Jake Birkhahn Arrested After Using Car As A Deadly Weapon

Victim Injured After Jake Hit Him With Car And Drove With Him On Hood Until He Fell Off. After An Argument And A Discovery Made On Victim’s Cell Phone.

Boca Raton'S Jake Birkhahn Arrested For Domestic Battery With Deadly Weapon

Boca Raton’S Jake Birkhahn Arrested After Using Car As A Deadly Weapon

BOCA RATON, FL – Boca Post ( — A Boca Raton man faces an aggravated domestic battery charge, according to jail records released to Boca Post by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.

Jake Birkhahn, 26, of the Casa Del Rio Condominium community, was arrested Thursday morning by the Boca Raton Police Department. Boca Post has been notified that the charges filed include “AGGRAV BATTERY – PERSON USES A DEADLY WEAPON”

It was not immediately clear what the relationship of the victim is to Birkhahn. Boca Post has learned that the weapon used in the attack was a 2023 Dodge Challenger. Birkhahn ran into the victim with the vehicle and then proceeded to drive with him on the hood until he fell off and sustained injuries.

The arrest report is heavily redacted to protect the victim. Boca Post knows that since this is a domestic charge, the two either live together or are family members. The victim is a male, so it could be a live-in boyfriend, but we won’t speculate on that.

According to a heavily redacted arrest report obtained by Boca Post, Boca Raton Police Department was notified anonymously about a physical altercation that occurred at approximately 3 AM at the Casa Del Rio condominiums.

The following is a redacted portion of the report submitted by the arresting officer:

Upon arrival, I observed a white male wearing all-black clothing walking eastbound on
the sidewalk in front of the apartment complex. I made contact with the male and
observed him have blood around his mouth. The male was later identified by his FLDL
as Jake Birkhahn.

Birkhahn stated that he and his <redacted> were driving near the area of <redacted> in a black 2023 Dodge Charger bearing FL tag # LLJI72. The two got into a verbal argument and exited the vehicle leaving his cellphone in the vehicle with Birkhahn. Birkhahn went through <redacted>’s cellphone and discovered that <redacted>. Birkhahn held <redacted>’s cellphone up to the window showing him what he discovered. <redacted> walked to the driver’s side of the vehicle and started to strike the window with a closed fist. <redacted> then walked in front of the Charger and sat on the hood. Birkhahn stated that he knew was on the hood, so he intentionally drove southbound at an unknown speed with him there, not caring if he got hurt, causing him to fall off the vehicle, landing on the asphalt. <redacted> sustained minor lacerations to his right elbow and right ring finger.

Birkhahn stated that he drove to the apartment complex and backed into a parking spot located in front of the building. <redacted> walked to the apartment complex, where he then encountered Birkhahn in front of the building. Another verbal argument occurred, while <redacted> put the code in to unlock the door of the building. As soon as the door unlocked, Birkhahn reached out to the door while <redacted> was standing in front of the door and held it closed, so could not get into the building.

Birkhahn stated that he struck <redacted> with an unknown hand and the two began to physically fight. After a few moments, Birkhahn and <redacted> separated and Birkhahn took a walk westbound where I then encountered him.

Birkhahn was booked into the Palm Beach County Jail at 6:59 on Thursday morning. Birkhahn appeared in front of a judge on Friday morning who ordered that he have no weapons and no violent contact with the victim, good advice.


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