Boca Raton Man Arrested For Making Harassing Phone Calls, Stalking

Boca Raton’s Levi Soza Arrested, Charged With Cyberstalking And Harassment

Boca Raton'S Levi Soza Arrested, Charged With Cyberstalking And Harassment

Boca Raton’S Levi Soza Arrested, Charged With Cyberstalking And Harassment

BOCA RATON, FL – Boca Post ( — Levi Soza of Boca Raton has been arrested and charged with cyberstalking and harassment charges, according to jail records released to Boca Post by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.

Levi Soza, 32, of the 3000 block of NE 4th Ave in Boca Raton, has been arrested by the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office. Boca Post has been notified that the charges filed include cyberstalking as well as harassment-related charges.

According to an arrest report submitted by the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office, deputies met with an ex-girlfriend of Levi Soza who she says has been harassing her. Deputies report that the victim was visibly crying and appeared nervous, and she was observed checking the parking lot of her apartment complex as soon as she stepped outside looking to see if her ex-boyfriend’s car was present. Soza allegedly made comments to the victim that he would be waiting at her apartment.

The victim says she had recently broken up with Levi approximately three (3) weeks ago after having been in an intimate relationship for six (6) consecutive months. During that time frame of 08/05/2022 through 9/03/2022, Levi made multiple phone calls, followed the victim’s driving, and made verbal threats to the victim. The victim said Levi has physically assaulted himself in an attempt to have the victim arrested which subsequently resulted in Levi being Baker Acted.

The victim further explained that Levi posted a picture of himself with the assault marks under his eye and tagged his place of employment in an attempt to get her fired. The victim has a video of Levi following her while she is driving in her vehicle which shows Levi driving his vehicle. The victim provided deputies with 2 text messages she sent to Levi where she stated to him to “stay out of my life” and to “stay away from me” which was on 08/26/2022.

The victim says she then blocked Levi’s phone number and then started getting multiple text messages and phone calls from different numbers she believes is Levi attempting to contact her by changing his number each call or text. On 09/03, from the approximate time frame of 0330 – 0438, the victim received 23 phone calls from varying numbers she believes to be Levi with no voicemails left. Text messages were also sent to one of the phone calls she answered and identified the voice as Levi’s stating he would be at her apartment at 0500.

Deputies followed up with the victim who stated that Levi had attempted to contact her approximately thirty-two (32) times via text message and phone calls from varying numbers. While deputies were on the scene, the victim received another phone call from a number she did not recognize. The victim was asked to answer the phone and she immediately identified the voice as Levi Soza. Levi initially denied himself being Levi. Deputies advised that they say the following: “Levi Soza don’t contact me again” to which Levi replied, “I don’t care if you use my first name and last name, this is not how this works, I can make as many numbers as I want to”, confirming the caller is Levi and he is creating multiple phone numbers to contact the victim.

The victim told Levi that if he wanted to come and pick up some items that were at her apartment then he can call the police to stand by as she does not feel safe with him coming alone. Levi also stated that he would show up at the victim’s apartment whenever she is not expecting it. The victim told deputies that Levi did in fact show up to her apartment earlier in the day knocking on the door and attempting to use a key she previously gave him, but she had since changed the locks.

When the victim questioned Levi as to why he was calling her 32 times from different numbers Levi stated, “I called you from my own number”. The victim advised Levi that his phone number has been blocked and the number he is currently using is not his phone number. Levi would later state that he is using other people’s phones to attempt to contact her.

The victim later told deputies that she received more text messages from unknown numbers, who she believed was Soza, including messages that stated he would be coming to her apartment again. The victim told Soza to stop calling and texting even stating she would call the Police. The messenger then stated he could see her car in the parking lot. The victim then looked out her window and was able to obtain a video of Levi in his White Mercedes.

The victim says she received more text messages from an unknown number claiming that the person was someone had sexual intercourse with that she met at a bar. The messages stated that he was not Levi. The unknown sender sent her a screenshot of himself and the victim on a facetime call. The image clearly shows Levi Soza as the person on FaceTime with the victim that image could not have come from anyone but Levi.

Deputies note that Levi is on parole for charges against him for the following charges: Written threats to kill/injure, Battery on LEO/FF/EMS/etc., Burglary to an unoccupied conveyance, and fleeing/elude LEO felony. The victim said she will be filing for a restraining order against Levi and requested a temporary order in place upon Levi’s release.

Levi Soza was booked into the Palm Beach County Jail at 1 AM on Sunday morning. Levi Soza was released from jail the same day on a $3,000 bond. At his first appearance, the judge ordered that Soza have no contact with the victim.