Boca Raton Cop Stops Boca Raton Man From Stabbing Another To Death

Christopher Harris Arrested For Attempted Murder, Battery On Law Enforcement Officer

Christopher Harris Arrested For Attempted Murder, Battery On Law Enforcement Officer

Christopher Harris Arrested For Attempted Murder, Battery On Law Enforcement Officer

BOCA RATON, FL – Boca Post ( — Boca Raton Police have arrested Christopher Harris for attempted murder, according to jail records released to Boca Post by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.

Christopher Harris, 50, who lives at large in Boca Raton, has been arrested Wednesday evening by the Boca Raton Police Department. Boca Post has been notified that the charges filed are “782.04(2) ATTEMPTED SECOND DEGREE MURDER” and “784.07(2B) BATTERY LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER”.

Boca Post has had a chance to review the official police report submitted by the Boca Raton Police Department. BRPD says that at approximately 4 PM on August 3rd, 2022, they responded to Sanborn Square at 2 N Federal Highway in reference to a stabbing. The narrative from the report is found below:

BRPD Sergeant Green was in the area when he observed three subjects later identified as W/M Christopher Harris, Leon Maddox, who we will refer to as ‘the victim’, under a pavilion in the area. Sergeant Green observed Harris stand up and start swinging at the victim. Sergeant Green noted that the way in which Harris was swinging at the victim was not consistent with a punch, but rather as if he was swinging something at the victim. Sergeant Green observed a glint of metal in Harris” right hand and realized that he was stabbing the victim. Harris swung at the victim several times with the object until the victim was able to run away from Harris.

Sergeant Green exited his patrol vehicle and drew his service weapon and moved toward Harris, who was still holding the knife. Harris was ordered to drop the knife, which he threw to his side, and was taken into custody. Harris was bleeding from his hand.

The victim was transported to Delray Medical Center as a trauma patient.

I spoke with a witness, Leon Maddox, who gave the following sworn statement: Maddox was sitting under the pavilion as Harris and the victim were arguing about a female. Maddox described the argument as mutual. At some point, Harris stood up and moved toward the victim, and began stabbing him. Maddox said that the victim did not strike Harris and that Harris was the person who escalated the argument to a physical altercation.

BRPD Detective Murphy went to Delray Medical Center to interview the victim, who stated the following: the victim said that he and Harris were arguing. The victim walked away to get his phone and returned over to where Harris and Maddox were sitting. The victim said Harris stood up and moved toward him and began swinging at him and hitting him. At first, the victim believed he was being punched and only realized later that he had actually been stabbed.

The victim suffered three sharp force wounds to his upper left back and one superficial laceration to his left side. Vl was treated with staples.

BRPD obtained video surveillance of the incident. The surveillance video showed the victim standing in front of where Harris and Maddox were sitting. The victim appeared to be speaking to Harris and Maddox. At 1353 hours Harris stood up and moved toward the victim as the victim appeared to move back away from Harris. Harris was seen swinging at the victim three times as the victim moved backward and out of view of the camera. The victim was then seen running away from Harris as Harris followed. At that point, Sergeant Green appeared on camera and began giving commands to Harris.

I went to Boca Raton Regional Medical Center and spoke with Harris. I informed Harris that he was under arrest and then advised him that I would like to question him. I read Harris his Miranda Warnings from a pre-printed, department-issued Constitutional Rights and Warnings Card. Harris said he understood and agreed to speak with me. Harris claimed that he and the victim had been involved in fights before and claimed that the victim began arguing with him about a female. Harris claimed that the victim approached him with a knife in his hand and claimed that he stood up to defend himself. Harris claimed the victim swung a knife at him and that Harris used his left hand to block the strike. It should be noted that Harris had a laceration on his left palm that had been treated by medical staff. Harris denied stabbing the victim, starting the altercation, or having ownership of the knife. I showed Harris the security camera footage. Harris identified the victim, himself, and Maddox in the video. Harris watched the video but refused to change his statement and continued to claim that he was the victim, despite what was seen in the video.

Harris became combative in the emergency room and used his right foot to kick an officer in the pinky finger.

Harris was booked into the Palm Beach County Jail at 6:54 on Wednesday evening. Harris is scheduled to see a judge for his first appearance later this morning.

Like many people suffering from the state of homelessness, Harris is frequently arrested. Most recently, Harris was arrested by Boca Raton Police Department for resisting without violence for providing an incorrect name to officers conducting a crash investigation.

The crash investigation was about Harris allegedly crashing his bicycle into a marked Boca Raton Police patrol vehicle that was parked on 4th Street and Military Trail which officers say was being used to conduct speed enforcement in the area. Harris plead guilty to that charge and remained in jail, which is common for some homeless people.