ARRESTED: Guy Steals Boca Raton Woman’s Yorkie Poodle, Runs It Over

Jeremy Correia Charged With Grand Theft, Animal Abuse.

Guy Steals Boca Raton Woman'S Yorkie Poodle, Runs It Over - Jeremy Correia.jpg

Guy Steals Boca Raton Woman’S Yorkie Poodle, Runs It Over – Jeremy Correia.jpg

BOCA RATON, FL – Boca Post ( — A Margate man was arrested after Police say he stole a Boca Raton woman’s Yorkie Poodle and then later ran it over, following spending the evening together.

Police investigated a claim that a man stole a Boca Raton woman’s Yorkie Poodle from her home. The young woman said she was at her home with a man named Jeremy Corriea. The young woman says that while the two were being intimate, Jeremy stated that she was bleeding. The young woman went to the restroom to check herself, and when she came back out Jeremy was gone. The woman then checked her living room and realized her 10-year-old dog, a 10lbs Yorkie Poodle, was missing. The woman checked the surrounding area and was unable to find her dog.

The dog was soon found on the southeast access road of the intersection of Jeffrey St and NW 2nd Ave. The dog appeared to have been run over by a vehicle.

Officers were able to get in contact with Correia and he came to the Police station to speak to them. The following statement is from the detective’s arrest affidavit:

Correia stated that he went to the victim’s house so he could spend time with her. While at her house, they were watching a movie. After the movie, Correia asked the woman if he could borrow her phone. He then stepped outside of the house and decided to delete
all his contact information, blocked his number, and deleted all the text messages
between them. Correia stated that at that point, he decided to steal the dog and bring
it to his mother.

Correia then entered the house and decided to be intimate with the woman. Correia advised that while they were intimate, he told her that it smelled like blood. Correia advised that the woman went to the bathroom and then he decided to leave.

Correia then grabbed the dog from the living room couch and left the house with it knowing that the dog was not his and he had no permission to take it.

Correia then realized his actions were wrong and drove to Jeffrey St and NW 2nd Ave and dropped off the dog. Initially, Correia stated that he opened the driver-side door as he is facing eastbound and then made a U-turn. Correia then felt a bump and realized he ran the dog over. Correia then admitted to killing the dog by running him over by accident. Correia had no regard for the dog’s life and fled the area. Correia stated he was scared and did not know what to do.

Correia was arrested and charged with:

  • 812.014(2C1) GRAND THEFT $300-$5000