ARRESTED: Boca Raton Man Breaks Beer Bottle Over Patron’s Head At Artful Dodger

Boca Raton’s Andrickson Moya Arrested, Victim Transported To Hospital, Shards Of Glass Removed From Head

Andrickson Moya Arrested, Charged With Felony Battery In Boca Raton

Arrested: Boca Raton Man Breaks Beer Bottle Over Patron’S Head At Artful Dodger

BOCA RATON, FL – Boca Post ( — A Boca Raton man has been arrested and charged with felony battery, according to jail records released to Boca Post by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.

Andrickson Moya, 23, of the 5000 block of W Club Circle, located in the San Remo community in Boca Raton, has been arrested early Sunday morning by the Boca Raton Police Department. Boca Post has been notified that the charges filed include “BATTERY – COMMIT FELONY BATTERY”.

Moya was arrested by Boca Raton Police Department after being accused of breaking a beer bottle across another man’s head while at Artful Dodger, a bar in Boca Raton.

According to witnesses, the two got into an argument and Moya struck the man with a beer bottle, causing it to break over his head. Moya and another man then fled in a pickup truck. Witnesses say the truck crashed into another vehicle as it fled the parking lot.

BRPD officers found Moya’s payment information from the bartender and followed up to speak with him when they found him in need of medical assistance for a laceration on his hand.

Moya was booked into the Palm Beach County Jail at 6:56 on Sunday morning and was released without bond the following day.

A copy of the entire narrative from the arrest affidavit submitted by the Boca Raton Police Department can be found below:

“On 06/05/2022 at approximately 0147 hours, I responded to 495 NE 20th St (Artful Dodger Bar) in reference to an assault. BRPD Dispatch advised an employee relayed that patrons had gotten into a fight and someone had smashed a bottle on someone’s face before leaving in a grey pickup truck.”

“Upon arrival, the bartender advised she did not see the altercation personally but pointed me to the victim, later identified as Mark Wilson, and one of the patrons that had been involved in the altercation. I spoke with a said patron, Carlos Alfaro, who advised he was outside the bar talking to a lady friend and another subject, who he advised he did not personally know but described him as a light skin male in his 20°s with short black hair and wearing an orange shirt. Carlos stated Wilson approached them aggressively yelling racial slurs and Carlos had to get in between Wilson and the unknown subject to separate them from fighting, pushing them apart. The unknown subject then hit Wilson with a bottle and got into a dark-colored pickup truck and fled the scene.”

“No other customers at the bar stated they had observed the altercation but only saw it when the truck drove off at a high rate of speed in the parking lot, hitting another car while backing up. Carlos stated that the vehicle was his and that the damage it had was all pre-existing. The bartender stated there were cameras at the bar but they were not available for access at the time.”

“I then spoke to Wilson who was being treated on scene by BRFD. Wilson advised he had approached Carlos outside the bar to speak with him about being disrespectful to a female. Carlos then shoved Wilson back and Wilson put his arms up to signal he did not want any problems. Wilson said his hands were empty. He was then struck by the unknown subject, who he also described as a Hispanic male with short brown hair wearing a yellow basketball jersey. He initially thought he had been punched then realized he had been struck by a bottle when he saw the shards of broken glass on the ground and began bleeding. The subject had broken a beer bottle on Wilson’s face. The subject then got into a dark-colored pickup truck and left the scene, hitting a vehicle on the way out. Wilson sustained a laceration on his left cheek from his ear to his jaw that BRED advised required stitches. He was transported by BRFD to Boca Raton Regional Hospital. The nursing staff there advised they had to remove shards of glass from the wound prior to applying the stitches.”

“A possible suspect by the name of Andrickson Moya was obtained utilizing the credit card information the suspect used at the bar. A search of police databases produced the address of 5151 W Club Cir Apt 207. Upon arrival, a grey Ford pickup truck bearing the FL tag# DACAS52 was seen parked in the lot with the interior lights still on and the engine still warm. Fresh drops of blood were observed on the staircase leading up to apartment 207. Contact was made and a young male wearing a yellow basketball jersey with short black hair came to the door and identified himself as Andrickson Moya. He agreed to step outside and speak with the officers. I observed a bloody napkin wrapped around the index finger of his right hand and asked if he needed medical attention. He stated he did and BRFD responded and attended to a minor laceration to the finger on the scene. I read Moya his Constitutional Warnings in Spanish and he verbally acknowledged he understood his rights and still wished to speak with me. He advised he had been sitting outside the -outside_seatingat the Artful Dodger bar earlier talking with his friend Carlos and Carlos’ girl. They were approached by Wilson who was aggressively yelling racially charged slurs at them. He advised Wilson to go inside the bar, then came back outside a second time to approach them again. At this time, Moya said Wilson was holding a bottle in his hand. He said Wilson pushed Carlos and Moya believed Wilson was going to swing the bottle at them so he reacted and swung his right arm, striking Wilson with a beer bottle and causing it. to shatter on Wilson’s face. He noted the small laceration on his finger was from this impact. Moya later added to his statement that he saw Wilson cock back his arm holding the bottle, which conflicted with his initial statement that Wilson’s arm was down by his side holding the bottle. I was thus unable to confirm that Moya’s actions were objectively reasonable and done in self-defense. Moya also admitted to fleeing the scene immediately after striking Wilson, failing to contact police about the incident.”

“The investigation determined Andrickson Moya intentionally struck Wilson with a glass bottle against his will, causing great bodily harm and he was subsequently charged with F.S.S. 784.041(lab). Moya was placed into handcuffs, which were checked for tightness and double-locked, searched, and placed in the back of a marked patrol vehicle for transport. He was ultimately transported to PBCJ.”