3 Teenagers Arrested For Grand Theft Auto In Boca Raton

3 Teenagers Arrested For Grand Theft Auto In Boca Raton - Wibenchi Jean Baptiste

3 Teenagers Arrested For Grand Theft Auto In Boca Raton – Wibenchi Jean Baptiste

BOCA RATON, FL – Boca Post (BocaPost.com) — Boca Raton Police arrested 18-year-old Wibenchi Jean Baptiste and two juveniles for Grand Theft Auto on Tuesday night after an officer pulled over a vehicle observed with a temporary plate covering license plate.

Boca Raton Police found the 18-year-old driver, identified as Wibenchi Jean Baptiste, along with two juvenile males in the vehicle.

Boca Raton Police provided Boca Post with the official arrest report which can be read below:

On 7/12/2022 I was traveling north on N Federal Hwy when I observed a silver Ford Fusion bearing FL temp tag # DGX 6639. I ran the tag through NCIC/FCIC and it came back with no record. After getting behind the vehicle I could see part of a regular FL license plate sticking out of the side under the temp tag. I then conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle in the 3900 block of N Federal Highway.

I made contact with the driver, b/m Wibenchi Jean-Baptiste, front seat passenger juvenile 1, and rear passenger juvenile 2. Wibenchi, initially informed me that the vehicle belonged to his friend and that he was not aware of the license plate. Officer Galazka then arrived on the scene and ran the vehicle VIN through dispatch and it was determined to be a stolen vehicle out of our city under this case number, taken on 7/8/2022. Prior to speaking further with Wibenchi I read him his Miranda Rights and he agreed to speak to me.

Post Miranda, Wibenchi stated that he got the vehicle from a friend “Sydney Burton” who he believes stole the vehicle. Wibenchi denied stealing the vehicle but admitted knowing that the vehicle was stolen. He claimed that he got the vehicle from “Sydney” last night and he decided to use it again today. He told me that he and his brother, juvenile 1, picked up juvenile 2 today and they were just driving around prior to being stopped by the police. He claimed that all three of them were also driving around in the vehicle last night as well.

I then spoke with juvenile 1 about the incident. Officer Lauckner read him his juvenile Miranda Rights prior to my speaking with hin.

Post Miranda, juvenile 1 stated that he and his brother (Wibenchi) got the vehicle last night and had been driving around with it both last night and today along with juvenile 2. He claimed they got it from “Sydney” and he denied they were involved in the theft of the vehicle. Wilben did admit to knowing that the vehicle was stolen.

I then spoke with juvenile 2, who had previously been read his juvenile Miranda Rights by Ofc. Galazka.

Post Miranda, juvenile 2 admitted to having been with Wibenchi and juvenile 1 in the vehicle last night and today. He initially denied any knowledge that it was a stolen vehicle, but later admitted knowing the vehicle was stolen and told me that Wibenchi admitted to him that he and Wilben stole the vehicle themselves.

Based on the facts of my investigation, I determined that Wilbenchi, juvenile 1, and juvenile 2 all had knowledge of the vehicle being stolen and were in use of it.

They were all subsequently arrested and charged with grand theft auto in violation of FSS 812.014 r (2C6). Wilbenchi was also determined to have an active warrant out of PBSO for retail oj theft (BRPD case # 22-8906).

The stolen vehicle was removed from NCIC/FCIC by Det. Murphy through dispatch and the vehicle was returned to the victim by Det. Murphy. Wilbenchi, juvenile 1, and juvenile 2 were transported to BRPD booking for post-arrest processing and Wilbenchi was later TOT CJ and juvenile 1 and juvenile 2 were TOT JAC.

Wibenchi Jean Baptiste was released on a $4,000 bond for the grand theft auto as well as for failure to appear in court for a shoplifting charge he got in May.