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22-Year-Old Arrested For Boca Raton Road Rage Shooting

by | Oct 1, 2023 | Boca Raton Arrests | 0 comments

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Ramez Ahmed Abla, 22, Arrested

BOCA RATON, FL (Boca Post) (Copyright © 2023) — 22-year-old Ramez Abla is accused of shooting at another man at a Boca Raton gas station following an altercation.

Officers from the Boca Raton Police Department responded to 9-1-1  calls about a fight, and a shooting, at the Mobile Gas Station on near 690 Glades Road just after 2PM on Friday, September 1st, 2023.

Witnesses told Police that they observed a fight between a man driving a Range Rover and another man driving a red motorcycle. The victim, who was driving the silver Range Rover, told officers that he and the driver of the red motorcycle were fighting at the gas station because of a road rage incident that occurred on Glades road. The victim told police he was in the westbound turning lane when the red motorcycle, allegedly driven by 22-year-old Ramez Abla, was traveling at a high rate of speed in the eastbound lane when the motorcycle swerved in an apparent effort to not collide with the SUV. The victim said that Abla made several gestures to him. The two then pulled into the gas station where an argument ensued.

Police say that is when Abla allegedly punched the “victim” several times. The victim says he “pushed back” and kicked Abla in order to get  away. The two separated momentarily and the victim walked backwards forwards the front of the store, in fear that Abla would attack him again. Abla then allegedly kicked the victim’s front bumper. The “victim” then “ran to get the suspect away”, according to a Police. The two then began to fight again. This time, the “victim” punched Abla several times and ripped Abla’s helmet off. The “victim” then kicked Abla’s motorcycle, causing it to fall to the ground. The “victim” then attempted to leave the scene when Abla allegedly produced a firearm and fired “one or two” shots at his vehicle. The “victim” says he then stopped his vehicle and ducked for cover. A bystander helped Abla pick up his motorcycle and he then fled the scene.

First responding BRPD officers found a single spent .380 shell casing on the ground behind the victim’s vehicle. Officers also observed what appeared to be a single bullet hole near the passenger side rear panel of the vehicle.

While BRPD was responding to the scene, an officer reported that they observed the red motorcycle leaving the scene at a high rate of speed, however, it is not immediately clear whether or not they attempted to stop the suspect or not.

The case was assigned to detectives who determined that Abla left LA Fitness on Glades road 1:38 PM, just before the altercation. On 9/5/23, investigators responded to the LA Fitness to review video when Abla, who happened to be at the gym, asked gym personnel why the Police were there. Abla was then seen leaving the gym before he was detained by BRPD officers outside. Abla told officers he had his concealed carry permit and was in possession of a “Glock 19”, a 9 MM handgun, which was in is gym bag. Police seized the bag as part of the investigation and later found that the handgun was not loaded but had a mixture of SIG brand 9MM and .380 rounds. For reference, a 9MM handgun can fire .380 rounds as they are the same diameter. It is not uncommon for owners of 9MM handguns to fire .308 rounds.

During the course of the investigation, BRPD detectives determined that Abla is the suspect involved in the altercation and who shot at the victim’s vehicle on 9/1/23. Investigators filed for a warrant on 9/21/23 which was signed by a judge the same day. Abla was arrested and charged with the following on 9/25:

  • 784.021(1a) Aggravated Assault With a Firearm
  • 784.03(1a1) Simple Battery

Interestingly, Abla was arrested twice in September. The first arrest was on 9/14/23, which followed an incident where a PBSO deputy pulled Abla over, mere feet from his home, for driving a truck with an expired license plate while pulled a boat without any trailer tag. Deputies quickly learned that Abla also had a suspended/revoked drivers license. It is unclear if Abla was under surveillance by PBSO, following the shooting investigation with neighboring Boca Raton Police Department. We know that this was after the shooting on 9/1/2023, but before BRPD filed for an arrest warrant was signed on 9/21/23 . In any event, Abla was arrested and charged with several traffic misdemeanors, including:

  • 322.34(2a) Operating While Dl Suspended/cancelled/revoked
  • 320.261 Attaching Tag (License Plate) Not Assigned
  • 316.605 Tag None/obscured/defaced/improper Display

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Boca Post previously reported on Abla’s younger brother, Hassan Abla, who was arrested last year for illegally carrying a firearm.


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