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TODAY: Sea Turtle Release At Spanish River Park

Come Out And Support 3 Sea Turtles Being Released Back Into The Wild Today

Today Sea Turtle Release At Spanish River Park
Gumbo Limbo Personnel Release ‘Betty White’ At A Previous Sea Turtle Release In 2015, Image Credit: Gumbo Limbo

BOCA RATON, FL – Boca Post (BocaPost.com) — Gumbo Limbo Nature Center is planning a sea turtle release today at Spanish River Park at 4:30 PM.

Gumbo Limbo is going to be releasing ‘Archelon’, a 25-year-old turtle that the organization took in on December 17th. Archelon was initially rescued by biologists from Inwater Research Group near FPL’s power plant in Port Saint Lucie. Archelon was said to be lethargic and slightly emaciated with a large number of barnacles on her which is a sign that she hasn’t been very active.

Today Sea Turtle Release At Spanish River Park - Archelon
Archelon, Image Courtesy Of Gumbo Limbo

The 179-pound Loggerhead has been recovering under the care of Gumbo Limbo and will be released today at 4:30 PM at Spanish River Park. Join Gumbo Limbo as they release Archelon into the wild to start the next chapter of her life.

Gumbo Lumbo is also releasing ‘Brontosaurus’, a 25 lb Green turtle who is 7-10 years old. Brontosaurus has been under the care of Gumbo Limbo since 12/28/21 since she was found on a nearby beach suffering from a predator attack. After extensive wound care and a flipper amputation, Brontosaurus is ready to return to the wild.

Today Sea Turtle Release At Spanish River Park - Archelon
Jurassic, Image Courtesy: Gumbo Limbo

Finally, another Green turtle by the name of ‘Jurassic’ is to be released today as well. Jurassic is 7-10 years old and weighs about 18 lbs. Jurassic was found locally in Intracoastal waters on 2/8/22. Jurassic was found stranded and unable to dive due to injuries sustained from a boat strike accident. After treatment including Gas-X, antibiotics, and fluids, Jurassic is ready to be returned to the wild.

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