Delray Beach Arrests

ArrestsDelray Beach Arrests

Elderly Man Slapped By Nude Swimmer At A Delray Beach Park

Delray Beach Police arrested 45-year-old Kenneth Williams after they say he slapped an elderly man at a Delray Beach park.

Boca Raton Man Arrested For Impersonating A Police Officer

Michael Giaccone of Boca Raton was charged with impersonation of a Police Officer after he told a man with a gun that he was a cop.

Boca Raton Man Arrested After He Tried To Take Cop’s Gun

39-year-old Joshua Cohen of Boca Raton was arrested by the Delray Beach Police Department after he allegedly tried to take an officer's firearm while they passed each other in the halls at Delray Medical Center.

Delray Beach Police Officer Arrested For Failure To Obey Law Enforcement

Officer Peter Sosa, a veteran Delray Beach police officer, was arrested for aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer in addition to 6 other charges following an incident where he drove over a fire hose and disobeyed first responders' orders.

FEDS: West Palm Beach Man Held In Contempt For Doing Taxes

A federal judge held Jeffrey Cadet in contempt of the federal court after he allegedly prepared taxes for clients after being ordered not to.

Baby Almost Dies Of Fentanyl Overdose In Boca Raton, Parents Arrested

Parents of a 7-month-old baby who nearly died of a fentanyl overdose at the Boca Inn have been arrested.

Boca Raton Entrepreneur Arrested For Not Paying Sales Tax

Sanchez Hughley, owner of Superior Street Powersports in Boca Raton, has been arrested for not paying sales tax to the State of Florida.

Drug Dealer Accused Of Having Sexual Relationship With Underage Boca Raton Boy, Arrested

PBSO arrested 40-year-old Roger Cooke of Hollywood for having a sexual relationship with a young man less than 16 years old. 

VOYEURISM: Boca Raton Man Accused Of Recording 10-Year-Old Girl In Shower, Arrested

Scot Toski of Boca Raton has been arrested and charged with video voyeurism of a child less than 16 according to jail records released to Boca Post by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.

West Boca Raton Man Accused Of Sexual Assault, Arrested

A Boca Raton woman tells deputies that a man attempted to have sex with her after she said "no" several times early on Sunday morning.

One Dead, 2 Injured After 4-Car Crash In Boca Raton

The Boca Raton Police Department is investigating a 4-car crash that left 1 dead near Dixie Highway and West Palmetto Park Road early Saturday morning.

West Boca Raton Teen Dies After Crashing Stolen Motorcycle

A Boca Raton teenager was killed in a deadly motorcycle crash in Pompano Beach on Sunday, March 12th, 2023.

3 Killed In Boca Raton Car Crash

Three people were killed in a single-vehicle crash in Boca Raton on Saturday, March 11th, 2023.

GUN ON CAMPUS: Student Brings Gun To School, Arrested

A William Dandy Middle School student has been arrested for bringing a gun to school on Friday, December 9th, 2022.

DO OVER: New Election Required To Determine PBC School Board Chair And Vice Chair

The Palm Beach County School District announces that the board failed to properly vote for the board's chair and vice chair which now requires a redo.

BREAKING: PBC Closes School Wednesday, Thursday As Tropical Storm Nicole Nears

Out of an abundance of caution, there will be no school on Wednesday or Thursday as Tropical Storm Nicole approaches Florida's east coast.