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Boca Raton house cleaning companies provide professional house cleaning services including deep cleaning, weekly visits, hourly, project based, and more.

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Things to look for when hiring a maid from a house cleaning service in Boca Raton. When evaluating different cleaning companies in Boca Raton it is important to ask a lot of questions during the initial walk through. Some unscrupulous companies may make many assumptions that may not be to your benefit. When hiring a maid for your Boca Raton home you should ask the following questions about the home cleaning services the company offers:

You will want to ask general questions about cleaning your Boca Raton home. Some Boca Raton house cleaning services offer different levels of service than others. It is important that you ask what house cleaning services are included in every cleaning. Find out how long it will take for each house cleaning visit to be completed. You should ask how many people to expect during the cleaning. Ask them if they are comfortable with pets if you have any.

Cleaning chemicals are an important part of any house cleaning service. It is important to clarify with your Boca Raton maid whether they are planning on bringing their own chemicals or if they expect you to provide them. If the house cleaning company is bringing their own chemicals, you may want to ask about them. Some important things to know about what house cleaning chemicals they are planning to use in your Boca Raton home is whether the chemicals are safe. If it is important to you, ask if they use organic chemicals. Some maids may want to use your vacuum, be sure to clarify if that is a requirement or not. For instance, some homes have central vacuums installed, the maid may wish to know that is an option when negotiating a price to clean your Boca Raton home.

Speaking of price, many Boca Raton homes are very large. It is no secret that Boca Raton home cleaning services often charge more than other areas. There is nothing wrong with negotiating prices with the maid service. If you are trying to save some money on the luxury service, be flexible in your negotiations. Meaning, maybe you can pass on getting the inside of your refrigerator scrubbed if that means you spend a few dollars less a week. Remember, house cleaning is a luxury service, and any decent service provider should take pride in the quality of their work which will be reflective in their price.

Again, it is important that when hiring a house cleaning company in Boca Raton that you negotiate and clarify what services are expected at the earliest stages of the business relationship. Having a checklist may not be a bad practice when performing the initial walk through with your prospective house cleaner.

Feel free to use the following house cleaning checklist as a guide:


  • Will you clean our tables and chairs? How thoroughly?
  • Will the appliances be cleaned? If so, interior and exterior?
  • Will all the fingerprints be removed from commonly touched surfaces such as door handles, door frames, light switches, etc?
  • Will the sinks be cleaned and disinfected? If there are dishes in the sink, will you clean them?
  • Will you clean the inside and outside of the Microwave or toaster ovens? Are there any extra costs associated with that cleaning service?
  • Will the cabinets be cleaned? What chemicals will you use?
  • Will the trash be emptied?
  • Is the floor going to be vacuumed, cleaned, and disinfected?
  • Will any windowsills be dusted and cleaned? What about plantation shutters, blinds, etc?


  • Will the housekeeper make the bed? Will the linens be changed?
  • Will the floors be vacuumed, cleaned, disinfected?
  • Will all the furniture be dusted? How thoroughly?
  • Does the housekeeper empty the trash?
  • Can the maid clean the baseboards?
  • Are the house cleaners going to clean all the mirrors?
  • Is it normal for the maid to remove fingerprints from all the commonly touched places including the door handles, door frames, light switches, etc?
  • Can I expect my Boca Raton house cleaner to dust all picture frames?
  • What about laundry? Is any laundry left on the floor put in a hamper? Is laundry service available?


  • Will the Boca Raton maid service clean and disinfect all tubs, showers, and toilets?
  • Can the chrome fixtures be polished?
  • Does the house cleaning service professional clean all windowsills?
  • What about my plantation shutters, will they be dusted?
  • Can I expect the trash to be taken out?
  • Does the maid clean and disinfect all of the sinks?
  • Are the towels going to be folded and hung?
  • Will the mirrors be cleaned and smudge free?

All other areas

  • Will the housekeeper clean my couch?
  • Can the maid dust all the ceiling fans? Can this be done first so the dust is dealt with?
  • Is it safe to expect all the floors to be vacuumed, cleaned, and disinfected?
  • What about cleaning televisions, is this safe to do? Does the housekeeper use a special microfiber cloth and alcohol to clean that sensitive surface?
  • Are all my hardwood floors going to be scrubbed and disinfected?
  • Is all furniture and items going to be dusted on every visit or is there some schedule that will be followed?
  • Will the housekeeper perform general straightening – pick up toys, tidy things up, etc?
  • I need help organizing things. Is that a service you offer?