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Woman Destroys Flower Pots In Publix Then Attacks Cops

Maria Oleinikova Arrested In Boca Raton.

Boca Woman Destroys Flower Pots In Publix Then Attacks Cops - Maria Oleinikova
Boca Woman Destroys Flower Pots In Publix Then Attacks Cops – Maria Oleinikova, Image Credit: Palm Beach County Sheriff’S Office

BOCA RATON, FL – Boca Post (BocaPost.com) — A Russian-speaking woman spent the night in PBSO jail after being accused of intentionally destroying flower pots on display at Publix and then assaulting responding Police Officers.

The woman, identified as 26-year-old Maria Oleinikova, reportedly entered the Publix at 21230 St. Andrews Blvd. several times on Thursday, April 14th, 2022, but not because she forgot something.

According to a police report submitted by Boca Raton Police Department, several employees at that Publix witnessed Oleinikova enter the store and proceed to an area in the front of the store where flowers in flower pots were on display. On 3 different occasions, Oleinikova was witnessed pushing flower pots off of the display. Each time, the pots hit the ground and break.

Several employees have made sworn statements to officers documenting that Oleinikova appeared to deliberately push the flower pots off of the display. Employees stress that she did not fall into the display and she did not trip. Oleinikova was described as using one pot to push the other pot off of the shelf. Oleinikova was observed doing this several times.

Boca Raton PD responded to the call and confronted Oleinikova who officers say did not speak any English. The Russian-speaking woman was taken into custody. At one point, Oleinikova became upset with officers who would not show her the paperwork, so she kicked the officer in the knee.

Oleinikova destroyed a total of 10 potted plants which costs a total of $199.90.

Oleinikova was arrested and transported to PBSO jail where she stayed the night and is currently sitting at the time of this writing.

Maria Oleinikova is facing the following charges with a $3,000 bond currently set:

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