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Woman Arrested For Attacking Manager At Sequella Caffe

Boca Raton PD Arrests A ‘Karen’. Demands To See The Manager, Throws Menu At Her. Arrested For Battery.

Woman Arrested For Attacking Manager At Sequella Cafe - Priscilla Andrade
Priscilla Andrade, Image Courtesy Of Pbso

BOCA RATON, FL – Boca Post (BocaPost.com) — Priscilla Andrade was arrested for a simple battery charge after attacking the manager of a popular Italian cafe in Mizner last month.

Last month, on 1/4/22, Priscilla Andrade, 32, allegedly entered Saquella Cafe and demanded service. A manager was assisting her when things escalated to the point where Andrade was cursing and even threw a menu at her. Staff asked Andrade to leave to which she refused and continued to throw other items. According to a police report, two witnesses observed the entire situation unfold.

Sequella Caffe In Mizner Boca Raton
Sequella Caffe In Mizner Boca Raton

Officers from the Boca Raton Police Department responded after Andrade had already left. Andrade has called the Sequella Caffe 35 times since leaving the establishment. Officers conducted their investigation and took a police report. Officers report that they have had similar encounters with Andrade in the past. A warrant for Andrade’s arrest was later filed.

Officers called Andrade who admitted to having an argument with employees at Sequella Caffe. In true ‘Karen’ fashion, Andrade then called the police back and demanded to speak to a supervisor. During that conversation, Andrade admitted that she threw a menu at the manager of Sequella Caffe.

Andrade was arrested on 2/23/22 and is now in the custody of the PBSO jail facing the following charges:


From the court records, it does appear that the Aggravated Battery charge is from a separate case. We will follow up with this article when more information is available about that case. Most likely, Andrade was arrested for aggravated battery and the warrant for this incident at the same time.

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